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11th Mar 2018

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  China Miéville’s ‘One thinge that ouerthroweth all that were graunted before’: On Being Presidential ( : ‘The stricken punditocracy agrees that Donald Trump is missing a crucial quality, a je ne sais quoi necessary for his office. He may be president, but he is not presidential. The liberal world is in mourning for this dispositional quiddity, presidentialness. According to one recent poll, 70 per cent of Americans surveyed held that Trump has – particularly in his genuinely startling use of social media, his deliberately offensive provocations – acted ‘unpresidentially’.’ Read the full essay here ( . —

Maïa Pal’s With or Without You: Naturalising Migrants and the Never-Ending Tragedy of Liberalism ( : ‘Taking a broader historical view of the category of ‘the migrant’ – and how it has become entangled with nationality – is to reflect on the origins of the right to move and its links to territorial sovereignty and borders. What becomes apparent is that the more fundamental shift is not whether we have the right to move or live somewhere other than where we were born, but the ways in which it became necessary to invent and shape this right.’ Read the full essay here ( . —

David Camfield’s essay ( What happened to the worker’s movement? ( : ‘The tendency to class decomposition was already underway before the collapse of “Communism” and the open embrace of neoliberalism by union officialdoms and social democratic party apparatuses in the 1990s. Since then, it has gone further, though not without important bursts of self-activity that began to recompose the class in 21st century conditions, for example in France, Bolivia, Venezuela, and China. The result has been the dissipation almost everywhere of the remnants of the workers’ movement’ Read the full essay here ( . —

Sarah Grey’s essay Salvaging the Dormant: On Language ( : ‘Declaring a language ‘dead’ is a tricky business. The death of a language is not like the death of a human being. It’s true that there is a certain permanence to it. When the last native speaker dies – and then the last fluent speaker, then the last of those who remember bits and pieces – something has slipped away forever. If, however, the language has left a trace, a footprint clear enough to measure and cast, there is still some possibility of salvage.’ Read the full essay here ( . — 

Richard Seymour’s  ( The Plague of ‘Whiteness’ ( : ‘Outside of racial crises, when the defenders of whiteness emerge to aggressively conserve and restore supremacy, whiteness is somehow both determining and not there, a present-absent cause. The race-of-no-race, unmarked. To be ‘white’ is somehow to be both centrally involved in the production of race, yet also at some day-to-day level convinced that one’s whiteness has no bearing on one’s interests or actions.’ Read the full essay here ( . —

Harrison Fluss and Landon Frim’s Behemoth and Leviathan: The Fascist Bestiary of the Alt-Right ( : ‘If we want to fight the new fascism, we must not only organise against it politically, but also understand its ideology. Far from being a morbid curiosity, this is essential for understanding twenty-first century fascism’s inner dynamics. Beyond racist tweets, memes, and Richard Spencer’s obnoxious media appearances, we need to lay bare the images, concepts, and ideas that form the core of alt- right thought. We must lay bare the alt-right imagination.’ Read the full essay here ( . —

Andrea Gibbons’ A Place to Call Home ( : ‘Grenfell represents what Rob Nixon calls spectacular violence, a flaming inferno brought about by this worldview with its austerity, deregulation and crisis. But it is founded on the violence of day-to-day neglect of the social infrastructure that belongs to us, a heritage of earlier struggle. The violence of disrespect and utter disregard for life shown to the residents of social housing.’ Read the full essay here ( . —

James Gurrey’s Guilt and the Left ( : ‘The tabloid press and reality television gorge on the ‘feckless depravity’ of the poor, the police treat vast sectors of the population as criminal, and we have entire government departments, in the Home Office and the Department for Work and Pensions, whose purpose, it seems, is to make distressed people feel bad about themselves. It might be at work that people are exposed to the most amount of guilt, and the lower down the scale of authority (which is in part to say the lower your social class) the more guilt is heaped upon you.’ Read the full essay here ( . —

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