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New from Resistance Books: We the Indians

6th Apr 2018

New from Resistance Books

We the Indians
The indigenous peoples of Peru and the struggle for land

by Hugo Blanco
with a foreword by
Eduardo Galeano
Published by Resistance Books, Merlin Press and the IIRE
Available April 2018, RRP £15.99p
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-85036-738-6
196 pages, with 12 b&w illustrations

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Hugo Blanco is a historic leader of the Peruvian campesino struggle and a key figure in the huge insurrections of the rural dispossessed. He was a key protagonist in the stories he shares in vivid but direct language. At the same time he gives voice to those who fought alongside him, while always advocating a respectful relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth).
What they say about the book:
A red thread runs through these beautiful, scattered reflections, polemical interventions, autobiographical vignettes, and letters – Hugo Blanco’s unwavering stand with the oppressed, and belief in their capacity for self-emancipation. Jailed, exiled, tortured, his spirit of sedition never seems to wane. From student militancy, to factory organizing, to mobilizing with the landless, Blanco’s first political decades in Peru and Argentina set on course a long life of resolute antagonism to the tyranny of capital across several continents. – Jeffery R. Webber, author of The Last Day of Oppression, and the First Day of the Same: The Politics and Economics of the New Latin American Left 
There are many lessons we can derive from the vivid tales narrated so accessibly in this book. – Derek Wall is a former principal speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales. His most recent book is Elinor Ostrom’s Rules for Radicals.

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