New Book

New from Brill’s Historical Materialism series:The Communist Movement at a Crossroads

17th Jul 2019

The Communist Movement at a Crossroads: Plenums of the Communist International’s Executive Committee, 1922-1923

Author: Michael Taber

This volume contains the proceedings and resolutions from three expanded meetings of the Executive Committee of the Communist International (Comintern) held in 1922–1923, while Lenin was still alive. At these ‘mini-congresses’, Communist leaders from around the world debated out major strategic questions and initiatives, from united front policy to the fight against fascism. 
The material in this book – much of it appearing in English for the first time – is an essential source for understanding the world revolutionary movement in Lenin’s time, as well as the subsequent evolution of the Comintern. It is an important supplement to the widely acclaimed series of volumes edited by John Riddell containing the record of the Comintern’s first four world congresses.

Mike Taber has edited collections of works by Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, James P. Cannon, and Maurice Bishop. 

John Riddell has translated and edited eight volumes of documents of the Communist movement in the era of the Russian revolution, including the proceedings and resolutions of the Communist International’s fi rst four world congresses.