New from Brill’s Historical Materialism series: The Dialectic of Capital (2 vols.)

26th Jul 2019

The Dialectic of Capital: A Study of the Inner Logic of Capitalism

Author: Thomas Sekine

This is the first book written in English that tries to expose the “thing-in-itself (or inner logic)” of capitalism in a form homomorphic to Hegel’s Logic, following the method previously established in Japan by Kôzô Uno (1987-1977). Neither ‘bourgeois-liberal’ nor even ‘conventionally-Marxist’ economics possess a logical (hence objective) knowledge of capitalism as such, which is regrettable. 

The manuscript of this book was completed in typescript at York University, Canada, in 1983, then privately published in that form by the author in about 500 copies, which are by now virtually dispersed. In order, however, to re-launch economics as objective knowledge, when the world must prepare itself to correctly terminate capitalism, we need to rediscover a book of this kind as a dependable guide.

Thomas T. Sekine, Ph.D. (1966), LSE, was Professor of Economics at York University, Ontario, Canada, 1968-1994, and Professor of International Trade, Graduate Faculty of Commerce, Aichi-Gakuin University, Nagoya, Japan, 1994-2005. He published monographs in economic theory, methodology of economics, international trade, etc. and translated two books of Kôzô Uno from Japanese into English, published his own books in both languages, e.g., An Outline of the Dialectic of Capital, 2 vols. Macmillan Press Ltd, 1997; Towards a Critique of Bourgeois Economics, Essays of Thomas T. Sekine, edited by John R. Bell, Owl of Minerva Press, Berlin, 2013; Towards a Paradigm Change in Economics (in Japanese), Tôshindô Press, 1995.