New Book

Marx on Capitalism: The Interaction-Recognition-Antinomy Thesis

30th Nov 2018

Marx on Capitalism: The Interaction-Recognition-Antinomy Thesis

James Furner

Leiden: Brill, September 2018. ISBN 978-90-04-32331-5.

In Marx on Capitalism, James Furner offers a new answer to the fundamental question of Marxism: can a thesis connecting capital, the state and classes with the desirability of socialism be developed from an analysis of the commodity? The Interaction-Recognition-Antinomy Thesis is anchored in a systematic retranslation of Marx’s writings. It provides an antinomy-based strategy for grounding the value of social humanity in working-class agency, facilitates a dialectical derivation of political representation, and condemns capitalism as unjust without appeal to rights.

‘This path-breaking work comes at the right moment. With a methodologically unique combination of phenomenological sociology, analytical Marxism and commodity form philosophy, Furner gives new life to the basic concepts of Marx. Everybody who wants to understand the present crisis of capitalism, and to give it a turn to the better before it is too late, must read this fascinating book.’ 
– Hauke Brunkhorst, Professor of Sociology, University of Flensburg

‘A novel and timely reconstruction of Marx’s critique of capitalism.’ 
– Lawrence Hamilton, NRF/British Academy Research Professor in Political Theory, Witwatersrand and Cambridge

‘An excellent account of the relevance of dialectical contradiction and antinomy to Marx’s project.’ 
– Jürgen Ritsert, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Goethe University Frankfurt

‘The presuppositions and contradictions of Analytical Marxism resulted in a movement away from Marxism and towards liberal political philosophy. But what if its originators understood the German idealist tradition and what if their philological skills were as good as their analytic ones? Furner’s book marvelously answers this question, staking out a tenable Marxian position within the landscape of contemporary political philosophy.’ 
– William S. Lewis, Professor of Philosophy, Skidmore College

‘An important contribution to the vexed debate about Marx and justice.’ 
– Jan Kandiyali, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Istanbul Technical University