Launching Naqd Research Project

24th Apr 2019

Launching “Naqḍ” Research Project 


Under the Early Career Grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation Extimacies: Critical Theory from the Global South” headed by Dr. Nadia Bou Ali at the American University of Beirut, we are launching “Naqḍ” research project coordinated by Abdallah El Ayache. Naqḍ in Arabic means at once critique, negation, and caesura. Naqḍ as a research project seeks to establish a field of discourse that addresses the contradictions at the heart of social structures and history. 

The project aims at compiling a database of texts dealing with Critical Theory in the Arabic language. This database, which will be made available online, will focus primarily on works covering Critical Theory, Historical Materialism, and  Psychoanalysis. The database will comprise translations of works from the critical theoretical corpus and original contributions by Arabic speaking scholars and thinkers in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This research project aims to create at a preliminary stage a source for researchers and scholars interested in Critical Theory in the Arabic speaking world. At a later stage, the project will evolve into a mapping of concept formations which will allow for an understanding of the scope and range of critical theoretical interests at different historical moments of the past century in Arabic.  

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