New Book

La soledad de Marx. Estudios filosóficos sobre los Grundrisse

24th May 2019

New Book: Marx’s Solitude. Philosophical Studies on the Grundrisse (in Spanish)

La soledad de Marx. Estudios filosóficos sobre los Grundrisse, Buenos Aires, RAGIF Ediciones, 2019. 172 pages.

By Facundo Nahuel Martín, Mariano Nicolás Campos, Omar Acha, Lucas Manuel Villasenin.

ISBN 978-987-46718-6-8.

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 Table of contents

-Introducción general (General Introduction)

-¿Por qué leer los Grundrisse?: Marx como teórico de la modernidad (Why read the Grundrisse?: Marx as theoretician of Modernity), by Facundo Nahuel Martín

-Teoría del mercado mundial en los Grundrisse (Theory of the world market in the Grundrisse), by Mariano Nicolás Campos

-Karl Marx y la crítica de la historia universal: el lugar de los Grundrisse (Karl Marx and the critique of universal history: the place of the Grundrisse), by Omar Acha

-Las crisis del capital en los Grundrisse (The crises of capital in the Grundrisse), by Lucas Manuel Villasenin

From the “General Introduction”:

“The selection of essays in this book converge on a common theme: the set of manuscripts written by Karl Marx between 1857 and 1858, known as Grundrisse: Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy. While the essays recognise the double character of the Grundrisse as an event and a document, they are not exercises in intellectual history. Instead, they construct concepts that Marx himself deploys in some cases partially, and in others only makes out qua concepts to then delve into the critique of the political economy discourse: modernity, history, market and crisis. In order to frame the shared problematic that underlies the order of these essays, this book begins with a synoptical presentation of Grundrisse as a document, then continues with a contextualisation of its emergence in the work of the mature Marx, followed by a synthesis of studies dedicated to this topic. Finally, it concludes with an outline of the conceptual premises shared by the contributions published here”.