Indigenous People and Land Rights in Peru – London, 26 February

28th Jan 2019

Socialist Resistance present:

HUGO BLANCO: indigenous people and land rights in Peru

MEETING-  Tuesday 26 February, 7.30pm –  Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB

Speakers: Hugo Blanco

with Jeff Webber, author of books on indigenous struggles and the left in Latin America

and Terry Conway, Resistance Books

This meeting will be a unique opportunity to discuss contemporary revolutionary Eco-socialism in movements of solidarity with the exploited and oppressed in Latin America and lessons for global left politics.

Hugo Blanco has been described as the ‘Fidel Castro of the Andes’. Like Fidel and Che, Hugo Blanco was a charismatic revolutionary during the 1960s. His life of struggle for the Quechua and other indigenous peoples has been chronicled in these books co-published by Resistance Books and the Merlin Press:

Hugo Blanco a revolutionary for life,   by Derek Wall       ***    We the Indians,  by Hugo Blanco