HM Special Issue on Identity Politics

31st May 2018


Please find below the link to the Special Issue on Identity Politics for Historical Materialism Journal. We’ve made the entire issue freely available here:

Issue 26(2): Identity Politics



I | Marxist Interventions into Contemporary Debates

Ashok Kumar, Dalia Gebrial, Adam Elliot-Cooper, Shruti Iyer, 




II | No Identity Before Identity Politics: A Cultural Materialist History of Identity in Capitalist Societies

Marie Moran


III | Intersectionality and Marxism: A Critical Historiography 

Ashley J. Bohrer


IV | History from Within: Identity and Interiority 

Hannah Proctor


Afro-Pessimism and the (Un)Logic of Anti-Blackness

Annie Olakolu-Teriba


The State


VI | Feminism Against Crime Control: On Sexual Subordination and State Apologism

Koshka Duff


VII | Judaism, Zionism, and the Nazi Genocide: Jewish Identity Formation in the West between Assimilation and Rejection

Sai Englert


VIII | Forging New Political Identities in the Shanty Towns of Durban, South Africa

Richard Pithouse 




IX | Racism and the Logic of Capitalism: A Fanonion Reconsideration 

Peter Hudis


X | A ‘Beautiful half hour of being a mere woman’: The Feminist Subject and Temporary Solidarity

Lucy Freedman


XI | Cultural Formation and Appropriation in Merchant Capitalism 

William Crane


XII | Defining My Own Oppression: Neoliberalism and the Demands of Victimhood

Yunqi Shi