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HM Race and Capital Stream

8th May 2018

Taking on the Right

Historical Materialism Fifteenth Annual Conference – Call For Papers

School of Oriental and African Studies, Central London, 8-11 November 2018

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Race and Capital Stream – Call for Papers

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Deadline: 1 June 2018


Racism’s visible resurgence in the right has brought forward a number of questions around race, class, capital, empire, resistance and solidarity. Alongside the mobilisation of traditional racist tropes and signifiers by the right new forms of racialisation have been articulated through increasingly virulent official racism. This official racism has been deployed internationally – to legitimate and drive imperialist interventions and restructurings – and domestically – to channel social discontent away from the status quo and towards migrants and racial others.


All of this has not gone uncontested. Organised anti-racist politics throughout the world have made significant political interventions. Indeed, many elements of the new right-wing movements’ platforms are the direct response to the growing significance of these anti-racist movements. A key component of analysing and challenging the resurgence of the right, therefore, is understanding the role that racism plays in their construction and maintenance.


This necessity has led to a series of heated political debates within the anti-racist movements concerning the relationship between racism and other oppressions; the relationship between capitalism, colonialism and racism, and the relationship between different racial oppressions on the domestic and international stage.


The Race and Capital stream seeks to provide a historical materialist position in these debates. Taking seriously the rich history of black and postcolonial Marxisms, we seek contributions mapping the contemporary and historical connections between capitalist accumulation and practices of racialisation and empire. We are driven by the conviction that understanding racism within social relations of exploitation can we offer an explanation for its existence and persistence.


Understanding this in a broad sense to include issues of race, racism, indigeneity, colonialism, imperialism and migration, we would be especially interested in panels or papers concerning:


• Engagements with Afro-Pessimism and the relationship between anti-black and other racisms

• Marxist analyses of the relationship between racism, colonialism and indigeneity

• The relationship between Marxism and postcolonial theory

• Mappings of the relationship between racism and the right in both historical and contemporary contexts

• Historical accounts of the relationship between different forms of racism and different practices and regimes of accumulation

• Recovering anti-racist resources within the Marxist tradition

• Black and Third World feminisms

• Political Blackness and other historical accounts of anti-racist movements and their attempts to build solidarity with other oppressed groups

• Marxist engagement with intersectionality

• Histories of anti-colonial nationalism and its intersections with Marxism