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26th Oct 2017

The HM 2017 ​14th Annual Conference ‘Revolutions Against Capital, Capital Against Revolutions?’ will take place at ​the ​SOAS, Central London (Russell Square), between ​Thursday ​9 November and ​Sunday ​12 November 2017.​ Poster attached and final programme to be published very soon. Please share this info as widely as possible. Many thanks! 


One hundred years ago, hailing the Russian Revolution, Antonio Gramsci characterised the Bolsheviks’ success as a “revolution against Capital.” As against the interpretations of mechanical “Marxism,” the Russian Revolution was the “crucial proof” that revolution need not be postponed until the “proper” historical developments had occurred.

2017 will witness both the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution and the 150th anniversary of the first publication of Marx’s Capital. Fittingly, the journal Historical Materialism will celebrate its own twentieth anniversary. 

For more details, visit the HM website and its London conference page here.

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Conference-related Blogs 

Extracts from an interview of Peter Thomas by George Souvlis in 2014 about the journal after 16 years of existence. Watch out for new material to mark the 20 years.

The “white working class” does not exist: Thinking through liberal postracialism by Michael Bray, who will be presenting at the conference. 

Russian Revolution Debates: we have published a series of posts by Eric Blanc this year to remember the Russian Revolution. See this latest response to the debate by Paul LeBlanc. Both will be debating in person at the conference.

Streams: Marxist Feminism and Sexuality and Political Economy Network

Plenary sessions

– Andreas Malm’s Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Lecture ‘In Wildness Is The Liberation Of The World: On Maroon Ecology And Partisan Nature’ on Friday evening 

– Panel on ‘Value and Value Theory’ with David Harvey, Michael Henrich and Moishe Postone on Saturday evening

– Closing plenary on ‘Race, Migration and the Left’ with Sara Farris, Nadya Ali, Satnam Virdee and John Narayan on Sunday evening



– The Great War, the Russian Revolution and Mass Rebellions 1916-1923 

– Marxism, Sexuality and Political Economy: Looking Forwards, Looking Backwards

– Green Revolutions?

– Marxist-Feminist Stream

– Race and Capital