Call for Papers


31st May 2019


Flinders University, Victoria Square Building

Monday, 2 December 2019

In recent years, the far right has become a resurgent force across the globe, resulting in populist parties securing electoral victories, political groups marching on the streets and acts of right-wing terrorism. As the attacks in Christchurch and the electoral gains made by One Nation have shown, Australia and New Zealand are not immune to this wave of fascism and far right politics. However this is not merely a recent phenomenon, with Australia and New Zealand both having a long history of fascist and far right groups and individuals. These groups have attempted to situate themselves within the wider settler colonial political landscape, often portraying themselves as the inheritors of a violent and exclusionary colonial past. Concurrently these groups have linked into globalised anti-communist and white supremacist networks. 

At the same time, there has often been resistance to fascism and the far right in both countries, ranging from the political centre to the far left, including sections of the Labo(u)r parties, Communist and Trotskyist groups, anarchists, migrant community groups, trade unions, religious organisations and other cultural groups. In the face of a resurgent far right, those involved in anti-fascist and anti-racist activities should be aware of previous actions. 

This symposium will bring together histories of fascism and anti-fascism (broadly interpreted) in Australia and New Zealand from the 1920s to the present, with an eye to the contemporary period. We are looking for papers on the following topics (as well as others):

• Fascist, National Socialist and Neo-Nazi organisations in Australasia

• Paramilitary organisations in the inter-war period

• Right-wing populism in Australasia

• The links between the far right and the centre right parties (Liberal Party, National/Country Party, National Party)

• Fascism, extreme nationalism and anti-communism in migrant communities

• Sexism and homophobia of the Australasian far right

• The international links between far right in Australasia and overseas groups

• The far right press in Australasia

• Militant anti-fascism and anti-racism in Australasia

• Electoral alliances against the far right (such as those against One Nation)

• Trade union activism against the far right

• Anti-fascist and anti-racist press in Australasia

• The role of security services in monitoring the far right and their opponents

• Migrant community activism against the far right

• Anti-fascism and other forms of anti-racist activism (refugee rights, anti-Apartheid, indigenous rights)

Scholars and activists are both encouraged to present at this symposium, as well as PhD, early career and established researchers. We intend to publish a selection of the papers presented at the symposium as an edited collection or special issue of a journal.

Abstracts of 300 words and short bios to be sent to by July 31, 2019.