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29th Jul 2017

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The Raya Dunayevskaya Collection

Raya Dunayevskaya founded Marxist-Humanism in the United States. During a lifetime in the Marxist movement, she developed a revolutionary body of ideas: the theory of state-capitalism; the philosophy of Marxist-Humanism as rooted in the U.S. in labor, the Black dimension and women’s liberation; the global concept of the inseparability of philosophy and revolution as the dialectics of liberation. These concepts have been developed in three major works: Marxism and Freedom (published in 1958); Philosophy and Revolution (published in 1973); and Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation, and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution (published in 1982).

The papers of Raya Dunayevskaya were placed in the Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs in July 1969 by Raya Dunayevskaya and were first opened for research in May 1970. New additions to the collection in 1981 added many documents missing in the original deposit and expanded the material over the 40-year period they now cover. Dunayevskaya added a Volume XI in 1985, and a Volume XII in 1986. A Supplement to the Collection,(Volumes XIII, XIV, and XV) was begun after Dunayevskaya’s death in June 1987.

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