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13th Sep 2017

Antonio Gramsci: A Pedagogy to Change the World

edited by Nicola Pizzolato & John D. Holst


Springer, 2017

ISBN 9783319404479


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Anne Showstack Sassoon


1 Gramsci, Politics and Pedagogy: An Interpretative Framework
Nico Pizzolato and John D. Holst

Part I Understanding Gramsci and Education

2 Gramsci, Hegemony and Educational Politics
Peter Mayo

3 Culture, Education and Political Leadership in Gramsci’s Thought
Riccardo Pagano

4 The Pedagogy of Praxis and the Role of Education in the Prison Notebooks
Diego Fusaro

Part II Using a Gramscian Framework for Research

5 A Pedagogy for Power: Antonio Gramsci and Luis Emilio Recabarren on the Educational Role of Working-Class Organizations
María Alicia Vetter and John D. Holst

6 Gramsci as Theory, Pedagogy, and Strategy: Educational Lessons from the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement
Rebecca Tarlau

7 Language, Education and European Unification: Perceptions and Reality of Global English in Italy
Alessandro Carlucci

8 Teachers as Salaried Intellectual Workers: Are They Part of the ‘Pueblo’? An Argentinean Perspective
Flora M. Hillert

Part III Key Gramscian Concepts and Pedagogy

9 Hegemony as Pedagogy: The Formation of a Collective Will and of Individual Personality According to Gramsci
Andrè Tosel

10 A Pedagogy of the Subalterns: Gramsci and the Groups ‘on the margins of history’
Pietro Maltese

11 Catharsis: Antonio Gramsci, Pedagogy, and the Political Independence of the Working Class
John D. Holst and Stephen D. Brookfield

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