From Economic Science Fiction to Labor as Commons – Middlesex University, 21 June

12th Jun 2019

From Economic Science Fiction to Labor as Commons

21 June 2019 – Middlesex University, Hendon Town Hall, Committee Room 1 -9:30-5:30

As suggested by William Davies et al. in the edited anthology Economic Science Fictions (2018), capitalism might be reconceptualised as an eminently fictional form of how social life should be organised that bears little relations to actual societal needs.   Currently, around the globe we have seen the emergence of alternative, non-capitalist production models based on principles of worker democracy, self-management, horizontal decision-making that are emancipatory and solidaristic in nature.   This conference, hosted by the Alternative Organisations and Transformative Practices Research Group at Middlesex University, London seeks to brings together the two parallel literatures of ‘economic science fictions’ and ‘labour as commons’ into dialogue by inviting the speakers and the audience to inquire into how can society move away from this dystopian economic science fiction via the practice of the labour commons.   Register online here to reserve your place (£10/£5 fee includes lunch and refreshments and wine reception).

You can register here: http://www.tiny.cc/1ctu6y Join the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/331338087556073/


9.30-10am                            Registration and Coffee

10-10.15am                          Welcome message

Dr Nico Pizzolato and Dr Daniel Ozarow. AOTP Convenors 

10.15-11.30am                     Panel 1: From workplace Democracy to Labour Commons

Professor Martin Upchurch – Middlesex University, London

The Social and Economic Origins of Utopianism and Workers Control within the British Labour Movement

Sara Lafuente Hernandez, PhD Candidate, European Trade Union Institute, Assessing forms of democracy at work: why, what and how

Dr Cian McMahon, NUI Galway

Peace, Partnership, and Neoliberalism: The Irish Worker Coop Development Experience

Professor Marek Korczynski and Dr Andreas Wittel, Nottingham Trent University – The Workplace Commons: Towards Understanding and Mapping Commoning within Work Relations 

11.30-11.45am                     Break and Coffee 

11.45-1.15pm                       Panel 2: Workers’ Control in Greece and Argentina

Professor Verity Burgmann, Monash University, Australia

Labour as a Commons in the Twenty-First Century: Factories without Bosses in Argentina and Greece

Marco Gottero PhD Candidate, DeMontfort University, Leicester

Come together’: workers prefiguring a utopian, yet non-fictional, society

Orestis Varkarolis, PhD Candidate, Nottingham Trent University

Dr George Kokkinidis, University of Leicester

Establishing a meta-organization as commoning ‘labour as commons’

1.15-2pm                             Lunch

2-3pm                                   World Café – Participatory activity for all attendees.

If economics is a form of fiction, how can labour emancipate itself from this fiction, return to its essence, and reclaim a non-fictional economy?

3-4.15pm                             Panel 3 Post-Capitalism

Dr Demet S. Dinler – University of Sussex

Imagining Post-Capitalist Exchange Organisations: Ethnographic Insights from the Turkish Cut Flower Cooperative and its Auctions

Dr William Monteith – Queen Mary University of London

Ordinary work in the post-wage economy: Reflections from a Ugandan marketplace

Dr Joseph Walton – University of Sussex

Science Fiction, Participatory Economics, and the Division of Labour

4.15-4.30pm                       Break and Coffee

4.30-5.15pm                       Keynote Speaker

           Dr Dario Azzellini, (ILR School at Cornell University, USA)

           Back to the Future

5.15-5.30pm                       Closing Remarks

           Dr Nico Pizzolato and Dr Daniel Ozarow. AOTP Convenors

Post Conference Reception