Frantz FANON: Philosopher of the barricades, Athens- 29 June

24th Jun 2017

Frantz FANON: Philosopher of the barricades


Peter Hudis

Nicolas Voulelis, Editor

Erini Gaitanou, translator

PUBLIC Meeting

1, Karageorgi Serias st., Athens, Greece



This book is a critical presentation of the life and work of Fanon. Peter Hudis draws his material from Fanon’s entire life – from his childhood in Martinique to his active involvement in the Algerian national liberation struggle and his later attempts to reconcile psychoanalysis with philosophy – to show that the thought of Fanon remains fully up-to-date in the current conjuncture of the struggle against racism and alienation.

“Thanks to this intrusive and accessible reading, we can understand The contemporary significance of Fanon’s thought … “. Times Literary Supplement