New Book

Feminism Illustrated

23rd Nov 2018

The Blast & Meor editions are pleased to announce the translation of the
French brochure “Feminism Illustrated” (44 pages in A5 format).

The first part of the brochure consists of the article “Illustrated
Feminism or The Complex of Diana” published in 1974 in the newspaper
« Le Fléau social » (a newspaper from the FHAR, a revolutionary
homosexual movement founded in Paris in 1971) ; this article is signed
by Constance Chatterley, a pseudonym used on this occasion by Gilles
Dauvé. It is followed by a long interview with the author conducted in
January 2015. All this is preceded by a presentation of the mag « Le
Fléau social » and the FHAR.
This is an opportunity to make a critical assessment of 40 years of
evolution of French society and capitalism, and to discuss topics such
as feminism, homosexuality, activism, community and identity, sex and
gender, domination and exploitation, class struggle, revolution,
communism, not forgetting the cinema.

It can be downloaded in PDF for free from the Blast and Meor editions