Emancipa University Manifesto

11th Feb 2018

The Importance of an International Network of Solidarity with our Project

(A message from the organisers of the project.)

Dear International Correspondents,

As many of you already know, we are living a profound political, economic and cultural crisis in Brazil, with significant attacks on social and political rights, targeting also popular movements and their demands. A moment as such demands extraordinary resistance; to build a support networks to transcend national boundaries and unify struggles in our Latin American continent and around the globe becomes a necessity.

Accordingly, in presenting the Manifesto of Emancipa University, a pioneer project with the purpose of unifying struggles for education inside and outside Brazilian universities, we seek your support. The initiative intends to create a space to organize regular education courses for popular educators and social activists. A space for popular encounters, to build resistance against the conservative advance in Brazil.

The formation of an international support network is essential to allow for similar efforts to connect in other countries: the struggle for public education, against racism, sexism and homophobia, in defense of labor rights, free, critical, and scientific thought, environmental and human rights.

If after reading our manifesto you want to be in solidarity with us, you can sign it here or send an email with your name, position, university and country.

The manifesto can be found here

A big “Abraço”, as we say in Brazil, and thanks for the support.

Mauricio Costa

Alvaro Bianchi

Daniela Mussi

Ruy Braga

Emancipa University