Early Marxism in Europe: Nikolay Ivanovich Sieber (1870s–1880s) – Paris, 22 May

28th Apr 2019

Early Marxism in Europe: Nikolay Ivanovich Sieber (1870s–1880s)
An International Conference

22 May 2019

ESSCA – School of Management, Paris Campus
Building B, room B606


Session one. Chaired by Matthieu BALLANDONNE (ESSCA – School of Management) 

Amanar AKHABBAR (ESSCA – School of Management) and François ALLISSON (University of Lausanne)
« Speech of Bienvenue » 

François ALLISSON (University of Lausanne) and Danila RASKOV (Saint Petersburg State University)
« Presentation of the Sieber Project (2016–2919) and of its two forthcoming volumes:
— Политическая экономия Зибера. Антология / Political Economy of Nikolai Sieber. An Anthology
— Nikolay Ivanovich Sieber on Value and Capital » 

Alessandro STANZIANI (Directeur de recherche CNRS, Directeur d’études EHESS, EHESS-CRH)
« Backwardness in Perspective, in Russian and Western Economic Thought » 

Roberto SCAZZIERI (Professor, Università di Bologna)
« Late classical political economy: divergent paths and contexts » 

Coffee break (Courtesy of the ESSCA – School of Management) 

Session two. Chaired by Amanar AKKHABAR (ESSCA – School of Management) 

Leonid SHIROKORAD (Professor, Saint Petersburg State University)
« Nikolai Sieber and Soviet Political Economy » 

Paul ZAREMBKA (Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo)
« Engels’ Failure to Incorporate Marx’s Instructions from ’Capital’, French edition into 3rd and 4th German: Dismissal of Marx’s Work on Russia » 

Lunch (Courtesy of the ESSCA – School of Management) 

Session three. Chaired by Jérôme LALLEMENT (University of Paris Descartes) 

Federico D’ONOFRIO (Teaching Fellow, LSE)
« Sieber and Statistics » 

Alexander POGREBNYAK (Associate Professor, Saint Petersburg State University)
« Sieber as a Critic of Marginalism » 

Coffee break (Courtesy of the ESSCA – School of Management) 

Session four. Chaired by Federico D’ONOFRIO (LSE)

Amanar AKHABBAR (Professor, ESSCA – School of Management)
Presentation of his new book Leontief et la science économique (ENS Editions, 2019) 
With comments by Jérôme Lallement, Matthieu Ballandone and François Allisson

Danila RASKOV (Associate Professor, Saint Petersburg State University)
« Intellectual Biography of Sieber in His Letters » 

François ALLISSON (Senior Lecturer, Université de Lausanne)
« Writing and Reading Between the Lines: From Sieber to a Larger Take on Censorship » 

Danila RASKOV (Saint-Petersburg State University)
« Farewell Speech »

19h00 – Aperitif (Courtesy of the Swiss National Science Foundation) 
20h00 – Dinner     (Courtesy of the Swiss National Science Foundation)


This international conference aims at shedding light on early Marxism in Europe by promoting the work of the Swiss-Russian economist N.I. Sieber (1844–1888), who introduced Karl Marx in Russia and was the first translator of David Ricardo’s contributions into Russian. A Swiss citizen born in Crimea and educated in Kiev, Sieber had a very short academic career in Kiev before exiling himself in Switzerland. From there, he traveled to Paris and to London, where he met Marx. He was therefore a genuine European economist. 

This one-day conference deals with Sieber’s approach to Marxism, to late classical political economy, to his links with European social and revolutionary movements. It also addresses these issues beyond Sieber’s case. Eventually, it presents the Joint Russian Switzerland Project on Sieber (2016-2019). 

Organisers: Amanar AKHABBAR (ESSCA – School of Management) and François ALLISSON (Université de Lausanne)

Scientific committee: Amanar AKHABBAR (ESSCA – School of Management), François ALLISSON (Université de Lausanne), Matthieu BALLANDONNE (ESSCA), Federico D’ONOFRIO (LSE), Danila RASKOV (St. Petersburg State University).


Venue: ESSCA School of Management, 55 quai Alphonse Le Gallo, 92513 – Boulogne-Billancourt
Métro: Ligne 10, station Boulogne – Pont de Saint-Cloud 

FREE ATTENDANCE, but SUBJECT TO PRIOR REGISTRATION, due to limited places and security reasons.
Please contact francois.allisson@unil.ch in case of interest.