Call for Papers

DEADLINE TONIGHT: Latin American Marxisms Stream: historical perspectives and contemporary Relevance

19th May 2017

Latin American Marxisms Stream: historical perspectives and contemporary relevance


Deadline for abstracts EXTENDED: 31 May 2017




Revolutions Against Capital, Capital Against Revolutions?

Central London, 9-12 November 2017


As the call for this year’s Historical Materialism London conference states, 2017 will witness both the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution and the 150th anniversary of Marx’s Capital. Fittingly, the journal Historical Materialism will celebrate its own twentieth anniversary.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, we announce the call for abstracts for the stream Latin American Marxisms: historical perspectives and contemporary relevance, which aims to reflect the broad theme of the wider Historical Materialism XIV Annual Conference, which will take place in London on 9-12 November, 2017. On the one hand, the stream’s focus is oriented to reflect the longue durée of Marxism’s translations into Latin America; on the other, we are looking for a series of panels which demonstrate the contemporary relevance of the varieties of Marxist elaborations in this region.

The proposal is open to philosophical, historical, economic, geographical, literary, and/or political approaches, and aims to reflect the diversity and heterogeneity of Latin American Marxist practice and theory. To the extent that this theme may be reflected in a number of more specific topics and questions, these might include:

· How have Latin American Marxisms – in both theory and practice – built upon or rejected, transcended, or disappointed the legacies of Capital and the Russian Revolution?

· Which strands of Latin American Marxism have been most able to challenge both capitalism on the one hand and the more mechanistic interpretations of Capital on the other – and why?

· If Latin American Marxisms are to a considerable degree the children of Capital and the Russian Revolution, what are the key contributions which these children have made to Marxist debates and practice outside Latin America?

· Historical perspectives on the Pink Tide and speculations on its legacy.

What longer term historical perspectives can bring to critical responses to contemporary forms of accumulation – neo-extractivism for example. These topics are not intended to be exclusive, and contributions are welcome on other themes which reflect the broad orientation of the stream.

Remember to explicitly add the stream Latin American Marxisms: historical perspectives and contemporary relevance in your proposal.