New Book

Counterrevolution: The Global Rise of the Far Right

29th Jun 2019

The Global rise of the Far Right
By Walden Bello
*Publishing September 2019*

‘Written by an internationally acclaimed scholar of globalization, Counterrevolution is a must-read for all the democrats of the world.’
Boaventura de Sousa Santos, University of Wisconsin-Madison

‘A tour de force, required reading for all concerned about our political fate wherever we may be.’
Michael Burawoy, University of California at Berkeley

‘An essential resource for everyone trying to make sense of contemporary political distress.’
Peter Evans, Brown University

The far right is on the rise. The rhetoric of anger and resentment emanating from personalities like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Rodrigo Duterte, and Narendra Modi is captivating and mobilizing large numbers of people. In an increasing number of countries, the extreme right has already captured the government or is on the threshold of power.
In Counterrevolution, Walden Bello deconstructs the challenge from the extreme right across the globe by deploying what he calls the dialectic of revolution and counterrevolution and harnessing the methods of comparative history and comparative sociology.

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