Call for Papers

Challenging the Work Society:  An Interdisciplinary Summit 

23rd Jul 2019

CFP: Challenging the Work Society:  An Interdisciplinary Summit    

27.9. – 28.9. 2019

Birkbeck, London

Keynote: Kathi Weeks

Confirmed participants include: Aaron Bastani,  Helen Hester, Sarah Jaffe, Philippe Van Parijs

This September, Chase and Autonomy will hold a two-day conference on the future of work. We invite contributions from across disciplines that relate to the critique of work, the reduction of working time and the post-work project. We want to contribute to analyses of the current crisis of work in all its facets – reproductive, waged, unwaged, automatable and non-automatable – as well as engage with utopian proposals for a future emancipated from toil. To this end we are bringing together early career researchers, political activists and prominent post-work theorists for two days of debate, discussion and collaboration.

We welcome applications of papers to be presented in 20 minutes slot and shorter – more preliminary or more provocative – presentations for the poster session.

See  for more details about the Conference.

Potential contributors are encouraged to submit abstracts of up to 500 words by 09.8.2019 to Accepted papers will be notified by 31.8.2019. We particularly welcome contributions from women, people of colour, and other underrepresented groups.

Key Questions:

• Is the reduction of working-time a legitimate and desirable goal for politicians and activists? 

• Should unemployment resulting from automation be welcomed or should states act as an ’employer of last resort’?

 • How do forms of unpaid work – care and household work for example – fit into this picture? 

 • At what times of our life should free time – currently usually only available to the very young and very old – be made available to us?  

 • What are the different intellectual currents and traditions within post and anti-work thought?

• How can empirical analyses help us understand trends in contemporary and future work? 


Best wishes, 

Conference Organising Committee: 

Franco Bonomi Bezzo, ISER, University of Essex

Amelia Horgan. SPAH, University of Essex

Malte Jauch, Department of Government, University of Essex

Will Stronge, Autonomy