Call for donations to the Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism

25th Jan 2018

The funding appeal from the Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism (HKWM) appears below. 

For those unfamiliar with the project, the Historisch-Kritische Wörterbuch des Marxismus (HKWM), published by the Institute for Critical Theory (InkriT) in Berlin, is a singular and unique reference work which seeks to compile a comprehensive dictionary on world phenomena illuminated from a Marxist perspective. Although originally compiled in German, selections from the HKWM have also been translated into English and other languages, while plans are currently underway to translate the entire dictionary into Chinese. It is an intellectual resource unlike any other and certainly worth supporting.

The HKWM is largely run by volunteers and relies on the generous donations of sympathetic individuals and institutions to carry on its work. They are currently asking for donations of 100€ to cover a page of the dictionary, or 50€ for those with low incomes. Anyone who donates by the end of January will also have their name or that of their preferred institution featured in the latest volume.

Questions can be directed either to Ruth May: or Loren Balhorn:


Berliner Institut für kritische Theorie (InkriT e.V.)
Honorary Chairwoman: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Frigga Haug
Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fritz Haug

Dear friends of the Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism (HKWM) ,

as capitalism increasingly demonstrates its failings in plain view to everyone, a new generation is coming into awareness, hungry for theoretical nourishment in the rich tradition of Marxism. The HKWM offers solidly grounded yet continuously updated orientation that current as well as future scholars and activists will be able to draw on.

The collective character of the HKWM is expressed both in its authorship and in its financing. As vol. 9/I (Machinerie to Mitbestimmung) will soon be going to the printer, we invite you to join those who finance one or more pages through their donations. You can sponsor a page by contributing 100 €  or 50 €  (for low incomes), respectively.

The deviation from the biennial publication schedule has unfortunately exacerbated the project’s difficult financial situation because scarce resources are now distributed over a longer production period. The high level of commitment by contributors, whose work is unpaid, along with the financial support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation cannot secure the continued existence of the dictionary by themselves.

The names of the donors will appear in the table of sponsors, following the foreword, unless you indicate that you don’t want to be mentioned. Please let us know if you need a receipt and give an address for this purpose.

Of course, we warmly encourage you to circulate this request and spread the word about the HKWM, which is entering into the second half of its overall project with the publication of this volume. 


Your help is greatly appreciated. The bank transfer information is below. Alternatively, HKWM treasurer Margret Langenberger can debit the amount via your credit card. For further information please contact Margret Langenberger (

Victor Wallis

(Member of HKWM’s Advisory Board)

InkriT account at KSK Esslingen-Nürtingen: IBAN DE53 6115 0020 0007 4123 09

Subject: Sponsor HKWM 9/1