Call for Papers

Cadernos Cemarx no.10 – Special issue: Marxism, sexuality and gender

17th Apr 2017

Call for Papers Cadernos Cemarx no.10
Special issue: Marxism, sexuality and gender
Since its emergence as a political and theoretical movement, Marxism has been engaged in discussions about gender and sexuality. It has consequently been consistently involved in the political and theoretical disputes that underline these ideas and since the 1970s has been one of the main traditions that influenced the development of research into them, despite sometimes controversially interpreting gender and sexuality in economistic ways. Nevertheless, the specific political, economic and cultural context of each period has determined how much attention those questions receive, resulting in different waves of theoretical output.  The growing public prominence of gender and sexuality demands, the emergence of several different LGBT and feminist movements in the last decades, as well as the fact that this blossoming occurred in a context of global economic and political crises have all resulted in novel Marxist contributions to these topics.
Therefore, the special section of this issue will welcome theoretical and empirical contributions using Marxist approaches to interpret questions related to sexuality and gender. Contributions may also draw on other theoretical frameworks in dialogue with Marxism. This encompasses a broad group of themes, including: Marxist debates about gender and sexuality; the relation between Marxism and feminist and sexuality studies (gays, lesbians, queers, LGBTs, etc.); debates on social reproduction, the monogamous family, patriarchy and heterosexism; the role of sexual and social division of labour; the interplay between gender and sexuality oppression and class exploitation; the relation between Marxist parties and social movements and questions about gender and sexual diversity; the relations between feminists and LGBT movements with the state and neoliberalism; the question of sexual emancipation and socialism.

Besides papers on Marxism, gender and sexuality, Cadernos Cemarx will also accept, in its open section, general contributions (articles, reviews and translations) related to Marxist debates.
Papers must have between 25,000 and 35,000 (with spaces), including the author’s name and affiliation, abstract, footnotes and references. All submissions to be sent by email only to:
We will provide Portuguese translation for texts written in English and French.
Deadline for submission: 30th June 2017.

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