Book launch: The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx – London, 22 May

15th May 2019

Matt Vidal (Loughborough University London), Tomás Rotta (University of Greenwich), and Carolina Alves (University of Cambridge)

Book launch: The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx

22 May 2019


Bush House (S)2.03

King’s College London


London WC2R 1ES

The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx is a major contribution to Marxist theory, research and politics. Containing 41 chapters, this Handbook is more interdisciplinary than any previous volume on Marx, giving roughly equal space to sociologists, economists, political scientists & philosophers, along with contributions from historians and geographers. It is also more comprehensive than previous volumes on Marx. It provides an entry point for those new to Marxism while its chapters, written by leading Marxist scholars, advance Marxist theory and research. The Foundations section includes chapters that cover the foundational concepts and theories that constitute the core of Marx’s theories, including historical materialism, class, capital, labor, value, crisis, ideology, alienation and technology. Additional sections include Consciousness, culture & class; Labor movements & modalities; Capitalist states and spaces; Accumulation, crisis & class struggle in the core countries; Accumulation, crisis & class struggle in the peripheral and rising-power countries; and Alternatives to capitalism.

Matt Vidal is Reader in Sociology and Political Economy at Loughborough University London and editor of The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx.

Tomás Rotta is Senior Lecturer in Economics at University of Greenwich and editor of The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx.

Carolina Alves is a Joan Robinson Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and a founding member of Diversifying and Decolonising Economics. She will provide a critical evaluation of the Handbook.


London Seminar in Contemporary Marxist Theory


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