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Bob Crow – socialist, leader, fighter’ by Gregor Gall

27th Mar 2017

Publication of ‘Bob Crow – socialist, leader, fighter’ by Gregor Gall

The 11 March is the third anniversary of the death of Bob Crow, former general secretary of the RMT union. He was just 52 years old.

Manchester University Press publishes ‘Bob Crow – socialist, leader, fighter’, which examines his life and legacy, both industrial and political, around the troika of his personality, politics and power of his members.

From the book description: ‘Bob Crow was the most high-profile and militant union leader of his generation. This biography focuses on his leadership of the RMT union, examining and exposing a number of popular myths created about him by political opponents. Using the schema of his personal characteristics (including his public persona), his politics and the power of his members, it explains how and why he was able to punch above his weight in industrial relations and on the political stage, helping the small RMT union become as influential as many of its much larger counterparts.  As RMT leader, Crow oversaw a rise in membership and promoted a more assertive and successful bargaining approach. While he failed to unite all socialists into one new party, he established himself as the leading popular critic of neo-liberalism, ‘New’ Labour and the age of austerity.’

The book is priced £20 and can be bought from

The ISBN is 978-1-5261-0029-0