Anniversary of the Revolution (1918) Dziga Vertov (Russian/English) – Manchester, 9 June

21st May 2019

Probably the first ever feature length documentary was made by pioneering filmmaker Dziga Vertov between February 1917 and October 1918. It charts the events and protagonists of the Russian Revolution in its first year.

The film, presumed lost since 1921, was recently discovered in archives and painstakingly restored by film historian Nikolai Izvolov and team, with support from the Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive. A miraculous piece of cinema history right here.

First shown at the IDFA documentary film festival in Amsterdam in 2018, on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, this film premieres in the UK at KinemaCat Manchester on 9 June 2019.

Silent, with Russian/English subtitles. We welcome Nikolai Izvolov to join us for the showing, which will include post-film discussion in English and Russian with parallel translation, with refreshments provided. Theatre doors will open for the event from 3:15pm.

Part of KinemaCat History and the Individual season

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