Call for Papers

1968 in Global Perspectives

4th Jun 2017

20th Annual Comparative Literature Conference
43rd Annual French Literature Conference
3rd Biannual Spanish Conference

February 15-18, 2018

University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

  •  Keynote Address Bruno Bosteels, Columbia University; Latin American and Iberian Cultures and the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society

 + video conference with award-winning author Claude Arnaud to discuss his autobiographical novel about 1968 and its aftermath, Qu’as-tu fait de tes frères ? (Grasset, 2010)

 The1968 in Global Perspectives, to be held February 15-18, 2018 at the U of SC flagship campus in Columbia, SC. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of this important year in world history, the conference seeks to engage with both the events of 1968 in their historic moment and the multiple afterlives of 1968 as a concept in fields ranging from political philosophy and critical theory to literature, film, music, and performance studies. We are especially interested in submissions that conceive of 1968 beyond national boundaries and contexts, or explore the global interconnections of localized experience of 1968 across linguistic, disciplinary, and geopolitical boundaries.

Examples of possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Global 1968 in political philosophy or critical theory
  • 1968 in specific national/regional contexts (e.g. France, China, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, etc.)
  •  Postcolonial approaches to 1968 (e.g. Francophone or Lusophone Africa)
  • The continued use of 1968 as a conceptual frame in a variety of disciplines
  • Afterlives of 1968
  • Authoritarianism and 1968
  • Race and racism and 1968
  • Feminism and 1968
  • Queering 1968
  •  Literature
  • Film and Visual Culture
  • Performance Studies and Theater
  • Music

250-word abstracts should be submitted in English to by October 1st, 2017. Panel proposals (with abstracts for 3-4 papers plus an additional 250-word abstract for the panel) are also welcome. Papers may be given in any language commonly used to examine a specific country, region, or field of inquiry, but please note that simultaneous interpretation is not available for panel presentations. Papers with a French or Francophone perspective will be invited for submission to a special issue of French Literature Series.

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