10th May 2021

What’s New – 10th May 2021

- 16th Annual Edward Said Memorial Lecture, Thursday 13 May 2021, 5:30-7pm (UK time) by Brenna Bhandar (School of Law, University of British Columbia), "Cultivating the Soil: Use, Improvement and the Colonial Conditions of our Present". To register:

29th April 2021

What’s New – 29th April 2021

- The unexpectedly transgressive subject: communist women in the feminist 1970s. Online round-table, Istituto Svizzero Roma - 05.05.2021, 4-6pm (in Rome - GMT +2). For more information and details on how to register: 

23rd April 2021

What’s New – 23rd April 2021

- PLUTO PRESS | Forthcoming online events, with Francoise Verges, Immanuel Ness, Terry Macalister, James Marriott, Peter Fleming, Jules Joanne Gleeson, Elle O'Rourke, Trevor Ngwane, Koni Benson, Robert Ovetz.

20th April 2021

What’s New – 20th April 2021

- Department of Politics, York University, Toronto, Seminar Series 2020-202, Now Online! All recordings can be found here: 

15th April 2021

What’s New – 15th April 2021

- Book talk on Capitalism and the Sea, Thursday, April 15, 5:00 pm BST: Contemporary Labour Issues in the Global Maritime Industry.

7th April 2021

What’s New – 7th April 2021

- "The Locomotives of History": Historicizing Revolution.

5th April 2021

What’s New – 5th April 2021

- Cosmopolitanisms: past, present, future?

25th March 2021

What’s New – 25th March 2021

- The interuniversity research group “Domenico Losurdo”, belonging to the Department of Humanities of the University of Urbino, announces – together with the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, the Internationale Gesellschaft Hegel-Marx für dialektisches Denken and the journal “Materialismo Storico” – a contest for the assignment of three prizes for scholar

18th March 2021

What’s New – 18th March 2021

- Launching Kevin B.

16th March 2021

What’s New – 16th March 2021

- The registration for the 'Ships in the Proletarian Night: Contemporary Marxist Thought in France and Britain' is now open. If you wish to receive copies of it in advance, please email us at marxseminaradmin@riseup.net. Please register here: