13th October 2021

What’s New – 13th October 2021

- Registration Open for ‘Acting as if - Prefigurative Politics in Theory and Practice’, 22 - 25 October.


5th October 2021

What’s New – 5th October 2021

- LPC 2021 Stream CFP: The digitalisation of work, the economy, and migrant labour. Abstracts should be between 350 and 500 words. Key words should be given that indicate the focus of research and the methods used. The abstract should contain clear information about theoretical orientation, findings, methodology, and what contribution is being made to knowledge.

24th September 2021

What’s New – 24th September 2021

- A discussion of Martin Hägglund’s This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom (2019) from a Marxist perspective

18th September 2021

What’s New – 18th September 2021

- CFP: Georges Sorel: a Century of Debate.


- Marxism & Sciences: A Journal of Nature, Culture, Human and Society - CFP

14th September 2021

What’s New – 14th September 2021

- Russia: Revolution and Counter-Revolution, 1905-1924 - A View from the Communist Left

3rd September 2021

What’s New – 3rd September 2021

- Call for Papers: HM 18th annual conference. Deadline for abstracts: Monday 6th September 2021. There won’t be any extensions of the deadline this year so please get your abstracts in asap.

10th August 2021

What’s New – 9th August 2021

- Now out: Hegemony and Class Struggle by Juan Dal Maso


30th July 2021

What’s New – 30th July 2021

- Now Out: ‘Art and Labour: On the Hostility to Handicraft, Aesthetic Labour and the Politics of Work in Art’ by Dave Beech. Buy from Haymarket Books directly at a 30% discount:

21st July 2021

Historical Materialism 18th Annual Conference Online 2021 - Call for Papers

Historical Materialism 18th Annual Conference

The Return of the State? Anticapitalist Politics in a New Ecological Landscape

16th July 2021

What’s New – 16th July 2021

- Haymarket Books 30% discount on Historical Materialism Title: