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Table of Contents

Editorial Perspective: Thirty Years after the Break-up of Yugoslavia. The Primitive (Dis)accumulation of Capital and Memory; or, How (Not) To Make This Country Great Again. Gal Kirn.

Article: Crisis in the Tar Sands: Fossil Capitalism and the Future of the Alberta Hydrocarbon EconomyTyler McCreary

Article: Imagination as Crisis: Spinoza on the Naturalisation and Denaturalisation of Capitalist Relations. Anna Piekarska and Jakub Krzeski

Article: The Many Tasks of the Marxist Translator. Approaching Marxism as/in/with Translation from Antonio Gramsci to the Zapatistas. Gavin Arnall.

Article: Entrepreneurship and Decentralised Investment in a Planned Economy. A Critique of the Austrian Reading. Maxi Nieto.

Article: Structure and Dynamics of Islamic Social Formations (Seventh–Fourteenth Century). A Case of Uneven and Combined Development. Jean Batou. Phenomenology, Scientific Method and the Transformation Problem. Jesse Lopes and Chris Byron

Article: Introduction to Nicos Poulantzas, ‘Theory and History: Brief Remarks on the Object of Capital. Kyle Baasch.

Article: Theory and History: Brief Remarks on the Object of Capital. Nicos Poulantzas.


Notes on Contributors