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Table of Contents

Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Lecture: Class, Assets and Work in Rentier Capitalism. Brett Christophers

Research Article: The Neue Marx-Lektüre and the ‘Monetary Theory of Value’ in the East German Labour-Value Measurement DebatePaula Maria Rauhala.

Research Article: The Antinomies of Antonio Gramsci: A RereadingJuan Dal Maso.

Research Article: Unrestrained Individuation. The Young Franco Moretti. Stefano Ercolino.

Research Article: The Dialectics of Race: Proletarian Literature, Richard Wright, and the Making of Revolutionary Subjectivity. Benjamin Balthaser.

Research Article: The Rise and Fall of the Revolutionary Left in ‘People’s Poland’

Kuroń, Modzelewski and the Struggle for Workers’ Socialism under Post-Stalinism (1956–89). Paweł Szelegieniec

Research Article: Energetika: Gleb Krzhizhanovskii’s Conception of the Nature–Society MetabolismDaniela Russ.

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