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Editorial Perspective: The State of the PandemicAlberto Toscano

Research Article: Flagging Profitability and the Oil Frontier. State Power, the World Market, and Settler-Colonial Capitalism in Canada. Geoffrey McCormack and Todd Gordon.

Research Article: Toward the Target and the Goal: Infrastructure Sabotage and Palestinian Liberation in the Pages of al-HadafZachary Davis Cuyler.

Research Article: Marx’s ‘Bonn Notebooks’ in Context. Reconsidering the Relationship between Bruno Bauer and Karl Marx between 1839 and 1842. Kaan Kangal.

Research Article: Labour in a Single Shot: The Deskilling and Mechanisation of Labour in Harun FarockiAlex Fletcher.

Research Article: Letters from ‘Glaucos’: The Correspondence of Guy Debord during the Portuguese RevolutionRicardo Noronha.

Research Article: The Materialist Dialectic in Boris Hessen’s Newton Papers (1927 and 1931)Sean Winkler.

Research Article: Materialist Dialectics and Modern Physics. Abstracts of the Report at the First All-Union Congress of Physicists in Odessa on 19 August 1930. Boris Hessen.

Research Article: A Commentary after 38 Years – Alfred Sohn-Rethel. Translators’ Introduction. Daniel Burnfin and Oliver Schlaudt.

Alfred Sohn-Rethel – A Commentary after 38 Years

‘Traditions of American “Democracy”’ by Fedor Kapelusz

Translator’s Introduction. Noa Rodman

Traditions of American ‘Democracy’Fedor Kapelusz

Notes on Contributors