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Table of Contents

Editorial Perspective: A Great Little Man: The Shadow of Jair Bolsonaro. Jeffery R. Webber

Research Article: Money versus Value? Reconsidering the ‘Monetary Approach’ of the ‘post’-Uno School, Benetti/Cartelier, and the Neue Marx-Lektüre. Elena Louisa Lange

Research Article: A Necessary but Impossible Political Practice: Althusser between Machiavelli and Marx Fabio Bruschi

Research Article: Canadian Banking Stability through the Global Financial Crisis of 2007–8. A Classical Marxian Analysis. Geoffrey McCormack

Research Article:

Inheriting Marx. Daniel Bensaïd, Ernst Bloch and the Discordance of Time. Filippo Menozzi

Research Article: From Marxist to Post-Marxist Populism: Ernesto Laclau’s Trajectory within the National Left and Beyond Omar Acha

Research Article: The Ancient Mode of Production, the City-State and Politics Carlos García Mac Gaw

Notes on Contributors