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Table of Contents

Editorial Perspective: ‘Stretching’ Marxism in the Postcolonial WorldEgyptian Decolonisation and the Contradictions of National Sovereignty. Sara Salem

Research Article: The Frightful Hobgoblin against EmpireKarl Marx, Ernest Jones, and the World-Revolutionary Meaning of the 1857 Indian Uprising. Thierry Drapeau

Research Article: The Financial Crisis and a Crisis of Expertise: A Chinese Genealogy of NeoliberalismGiulia Dal Maso

Research Article: Marxism, Structuralism and PsychoanalysisAlthusser’s Paths of Reception in Argentinian Psychoanalytic Culture (1965–76). Marcelo Starcenbaum

Intervention: Neoliberalism Facing Its Subjects: A Metastructural ApproachJacques Bidet


Marx’s Economic Manuscript of 1867–68 (Excerpt) Editor’s IntroductionFred Moseley

Marx’s Economic Manuscript of 1867–68 (Excerpt) Translator’s IntroductionHerbert Panzer

Marx’s Economic Manuscript of 1867–68 (Excerpt)Karl Marx

Notes on Contributors