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Research Article: Strawberries and Cream: On Esfir Shub and the Revolutionary Object. Esther Leslie

Research Article: Slave Self-Activity and the Bourgeois Revolution in the United States: Jubilee and the Boundaries of Black Freedom. Brian Kelly

Research Article: Introduction. Jeffery R. Webber

Research Article: Self-Knowledge and Self-Determination at the Limits of Capitalism. Introduction to René Zavaleta Mercado’s Towards a History of the National-Popular in Bolivia: 1879–1980. Sinclair Thomson

Research Article: Motley Society, Plurinationalism, and the Integral State. Álvaro García Linera’s Use of Gramsci and ZavaletaAnne Freeland

Research Article: History and Structure in the Thought of René Zavaleta. Luis Tapia Mealla

Research Article: Towards a History of the National-Popular in Bolivia, 1879–1980
. René Zavaleta Mercado

Research Article: The Central Office of Factory Councils in 1919–20

A Forgotten Chapter in the German Council Movement. Axel Weipert

Research Article: How Capitalist Were the ‘Bourgeois Revolutions’?

Charles Post

Research Article: ʻHow Bourgeois Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?ʼ Remarks on Neil Davidson’s Book. Heide Gerstenberger

Research Article: Capitalist Outcomes, Ideal Types, Historical Realities. Neil Davidson

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