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Editorial Perspectives: Introduction By: Robert Knox

Editorial Perspecitves: Resurrection of the Dead, Exaltation of the New Struggles Marxism, Class Conflict, and Social Movement By: Jeffery R. Webber

Research Article: Revisiting the Marxist Skilled-Labour Debate By: Gastón Caligaris and Guido Starosta

Research Article: (Big) Society and (Market) Discipline: Social Investment and the Financialisation of Social Reproduction By: David Harvie

Research Article: Capital’s Artificial Intellect Becoming Uber’s Means of Autonomous Immaterial Production By: Ramon Salim Diab

Research Article: Art and the Politics of Eliminating Handicraft By: Dave Beech

Research Article: Cages and Crises: A Marxist Analysis of Mass Incarceration By: Mark Jay

Archive: ‘Hegel Belongs in the Old Testament of the New Philosophy’ Translator’s Introduction to ‘On the Evaluation of The Essence of Christianity’ by Ludwig Feuerbach By: Michael Kryluk

Archive: On the Evaluation of The Essence of Christianity By: Ludwig Feuerbach

Review: Capitalism, Colonialism, and the War on Human Life A Review of Ethics of Liberation in the Age of Globalization and Exclusion by Enrique Dussel By: Jeff Noonan

Review: Plebs, Class and Everything in Between A Review of The Plebeian Experience by Martin Breaugh By: Hugo Bonin

Review: Geopolitical Economy and the Chimera of Hegemony A Review of Geopolitical Economy: After US Hegemony, Globalization and Empire by Radhika Desai By: Rowan Lubbock

Review: Returning Marx to Kant? A Review of The Capitalist Schema: Time, Money, and the Culture of Abstraction by Christian Lotz By: Matthias Rothe

Review: Reading Camus Carefully? A Review of L’Ordre libertaire: La vie philosophique d’Albert Camus by Michel Onfray By: Ian Birchall

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