Volume 26 Issue 3, 2018

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Published Oct 2018

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Research Article: In Wildness Is the Liberation of the World: On Maroon Ecology and Partisan Nature Andreas Malm

A Discussion of How the West Came to Rule:

The Uneven and Combined Development of Global Capitalism: Debating How the West Came to Rule Adam Fabry

The Frontiers of Uneven and Combined Development Neil Davidson

The Use and Misuse of Uneven and Combined Development: A Critique of Anievas and Nişancıoğlu Charles Post

‘My Capitalism Is Bigger than Yours!’ Against Combining ‘How the West Came to Rule’ with ‘The Origins of Capitalism’ Maïa Pal

A Combined Argument: Beyond Wallerstein? Mladen Medved

Globalising the History of Capital: Ways Forward Jairus Banaji

Lineages of Capital Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nişancıoğlu


Review: The Transition Debate Today A Review of The Origin of Capitalism in England, 1400–1600 by Spencer Dimmock Tibor Rutar

Review: A Journey through Tafuri’s Unsolvable Contradictions A Review of Project of Crisis: Manfredo Tafuri and Contemporary Architecture by Marco Biraghi Luisa Lorenza Corna

Review: Foregrounding Management in Class Warfare from Above A Review of The Mythology of Work: How Capitalism Persists Despite Itself by Peter Fleming, and The Dark Side of Management: A Secret History of Management Theory by Gerard Hanlon Alan Bradshaw

Review: The Old Adam, After All A Review of The Other Adam Smith by Mike Hill and Warren Montag Christian Thorne