Volume 18, Issue 3, 2010

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Published Jan 2010


Gene Ray – Dialectical Realism and Radical Commitments:Brecht and Adorno on Representing Capitalism
Paul Blackledge – Editorial Introduction
Ronald Grigor Suny – Reconsidering Lenin: What Can Be Said about What Is to Be Done?
Robert Mayer – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: On Lars Lih’s Lenin
Chris Harman – Lenin Rediscovered?
Alan Shandro – Text and Context in the Argument of Lenin’s What Is to Be Done?
Paul Le Blanc – Rediscovering Lenin
Lars T. Lih – Lenin Disputed
Matteo Mandarini – Critical Thoughts on the Politics of Immanence
Mario Tronti – Workerism and Politics
Paul Flenley – Oktyabr’skaya Revolyutsiya i Fabzavkomy [The October Revolution and Factory-Committees], edited by Steve A. Smith, London: Kraus International Publications, 1983 Oktyabr’skaya Revolyutsia i Fabzavkomy, Volume 3, Second Edition, edited by Yoshimasa Tsuji, Tokyo: Waseda University, 2001 Oktyabr’skaya Revolyutsiya i Fabzavkomy: Materialy po istorii fabrichno-zavodskikh komitetov, Volume 4, edited by Yoshimasa Tsuji, St Petersburg: St Petersburg University Press, 2002
Jeffery R. Webber – Latin American Neostructuralism: The Contradictions of Post-Neoliberal Development, Fernando Ignacio Leiva, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2008
David Parker – Impersonal Power. History and Theory of the Bourgeois State, Heide Gerstenberger, translated by David Fernbach, Historical Materialism Book Series, Leiden: Brill 2007.
Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism
Notes on Contributors