Volume 12, Issue 4, 2004

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Published Jan 2004


Nick Dyer-Witheford – 1844/2004/2044: The Return of Species-Being
Marcel van der Linden – On Council Communism
Liam Campling – Editorial Introduction to the Symposium on Marxism and African Realities
Pablo L.E. Idahosa,Bob Shenton – The Africanist’s ‘New’ Clothes
Henry Bernstein – Considering Africa’s Agrarian Questions
Patrick Bond – Bankrupt Africa: Imperialism, Sub-Imperialism and the Politics of Finance
Ray Bush – Undermining Africa
Alex Nunn,Sophia Price – Managing Development: EU and African Relations through the Evolution of the Lomé and Cotonou Agreements
Alejandro Colás – The Re-Invention of Populism: Islamist Responses to Capitalist Development in the Contemporary Maghreb
Christopher Wise – Marxism, Geo-Thematics and Orality-Literacy Studies in the Sahel
Carlos Oya – The Empirical Investigation of Rural Class Formation: Methodological Issues in a Study of Large- and Mid-Scale Farmers in Senegal
Franco Barchiesi – Class, Social Movements and the Transformation of the South-African Left in the Crisis of ‘National Liberation’
Brian Raftopoulos,Ian Phimister – Zimbabwe Now: The Political Economy of Crisis and Coercion
Ashwin Desai – Magic, Realism and the State in Post-Apartheid South Africa
David Moore – Marxism and Marxist Intellectuals in Schizophrenic Zimbabwe: How Many Rights for Zimbabwe’s Left? A Comment
Paresh Chattopadhyay – ‘Karl Marx – Exzerpte und Notizen: Sommer 1844 bis Anfang 1847’, in Gesamtausgabe (MEGA), vierte Abteilung. Band 3
Nigel Harris – Trade in Early India: Themes in Indian History and Origins of the European Economy: Communications and Commerce, AD 300–900
Surinder S. Jodhka – Towards a Comparative Political Economy of Unfree Labour: Case Studies and Debates and Peasants, Populism and Postmodernism: The Return of the Agrarian Myth
Henry Vandenburgh – Habermas, Critical Theory, and Health
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