Volume 11, Issue 4, 2003

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Published Jan 2003


Alan Johnson – The American Worker and the Absurd Truth about Marxism
Karl Kautsky – The American Worker
Daniel Gaido – ‘The American Worker’ and the Theory of Permanent Revolution: Karl Kautsky on Werner Sombart’s Why Is There No Socialism in the United States?
Paul le Blanc – The Absence of Socialism in the United States: Contextualising Kautsky’s ‘American Worker’
Loren Goldner – On the Non-Formation of a Working-Class Political Party in the United States, 1900–45
Stephen Resnick,Richard Wolff – Exploitation, Consumption, and the Uniqueness of US Capitalism
Noel Ignatiev – Whiteness and Class Struggle
Alan Johnson – Equalibertarian Marxism and the Politics of Social Movements
Peter Hudis – Workers as Reason:The Development of a New Relation of Worker and Intellectual in American Marxist Humanism
Franz Mehring – Literary Review of Hermann Schlüter’s Die Anfänge der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung in Amerika
Franz Mehring – Obituary of Friedrich Sorge
Christopher Phelps – Why Wouldn’t Sidney Hook Permit the Republication of His Best Book?
Bryan D. Palmer – The Hands That Built America: A Class-Politics Appreciation of Martin Scorsese’s The Gangs of New York
Kim Moody – On Seymour Martin Lipset’s and Gary Mark’s It Didn’t Happen Here: Why Socialism Failed in the United States
Mary McGuire – On American Exceptionalism: US Working-class Formation In An International Context Edited By Rick Halpern And Jonathan Morris and US Labour And Political Action, 1918-24: A Comparison Of Independent Political Action In New York, Chicago, And Seattle
Bryan D. Palmer – On Peter Linbaugh’s and Marcus Rediker’s The Many-Headed Hydra: The Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic
Alan Wald – On Rachel Rubin’s Jewish Gangsters of Modern Literature, Caren Irr’s The Suburb of Dissent: Cultural Politics in the United States and Canada During the 1930s, Cary Nelson’s Revolutionary Memory: Recovering the Poetry of the American Left …
Gerald Friedman – On Janet Iron’s Testing the New Deal: The General Textile Strike of 1934 in the American South
Graham Barnfield – On Andrew Hemingway’s Artists on the Left: American Artists and the Communist Movement, 1926-1956 and Paula Rabinowitz’s Black & White & Noir: America’s Pulp Modernism
Robbie Lieberman – On Bryan K. Carman’s A Race of Singers: Whitman’s Working Class Hero from Guthrie to Springsteen
Sharon Smith – On Nelson Lichtenstein’s State of the Union: A Century of American Labor
Nelson Lichtenstein – Rejoinder to Sharon Smith