9th Mar, 2023

- The Rise of Neo-Fascism hybrid symposium, Mar 31, 12-4:15pm, with Nicholas De Genova, Gerald Horne, Sarasij Majumder, David McNally, Alberto Toscano, Nancy Beck Young, and Luca Oliva, University of Houston, Classrooms and Business Building, Room 108 & Live Streaming


-  CLSGC Lecture: A Century after Pan-African Congress, London: Pan-Africanism and the Making of Black Inter-national Constitution(s)


- Call for Papers: Racial Capitalism: Marxism meets Postcolonial Studies, 5./6. Oktober 2023, University of Kassel, Germany


- Tribute to Salvador Allende and others activities of the Argentina2050 Congress, March 9 to 12 at Av. Belgrano 2527 (headquarters of the state's workers national union office), City of Buenos Aires, Argentina with free admission. Full Schedule:


- CfP: International sessions of the 71th Annual Conference of the Japan Society of Political Economy (JSPE): “How to Understand Contemporary Price Fluctuations: Their Structure, Reality, and Impact”, 4-5/11/2023


- Book Launch for New Edition of Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program, Saturday March 18, 10.00-16.00 LA Time


- Now Online (Open Access): The Future is the Termination Shock: On the Antinomies and Psychopathologies of Geoengineering. Part Two, by Andreas Malm


- Forthcoming:* Marx, A French Passion: The Reception of Marx and Marxisms in France’s Political-Intellectual Life. Editors: Jean-Numa Ducange  and Anthony Burlaud. Translator: David Broder.

* Paperback edition out from Haymarket Books 12 months after the hardback edition 


- Now Online: Humanism Contra Post-humanism, Author: Sunyoung Ahn


- Now Online: Passages of a Marxist Critique of Art in Peru: From Artworks to Plastic Objects (1976–82), Author: Mijail Mitrovic Pease