20th September 2022

What’s New – 22nd September 2022

The Deutscher Prize Committee is pleased to announce the shortlisted books for this year’s prize:

Ilya Budraitskis – Dissidents among Dissidents Ideology, Politics and the Left in Post-Soviet Russia

15th September 2022

What’s New – 15th September 2022

September 15th 23.30 BST

Marx's Critique of the Gotha Programme - Contemporary Reflections (a new edition published by PM Press with Peter Hudis and Kevin Anderson in conversation)

5th September 2022

What’s New – 5th September 2022

- Introducing "Marxism in our Time", a new initiative from the Deutscher Prize:

22nd August 2022

What’s New – 22nd August 2022

- Contested Concepts of Property in Past & Present, 4-5.10.2022, in Jena.

The current version of the program can be found on our website: 

3rd August 2022

What’s New – 3rd August 2022

- Tyrus Miller's Modernism and the Frankfurt School (Edinburgh University Press, 2014) is now available in open access for free download as an e-book. It can be accessed by ordering the e-book at:

20th July 2022

What’s New – 20th July 2022

- Forthcoming*: Communism and the Avant-Garde in Weimar Germany – A Selection of Documents by Ben Fowkes.

* Paperback edition available from Haymarket Books 12 months after Brill edition

7th July 2022

What’s New – 7th July 2022

- Launch of Clark McAllister's "Karl Marx's Workers' Inquiry: International History, Reception, and Responses", published by Notes from Below. Saturday 9th of July, from 5pm at Mayday Rooms, London.

Sign up here:

21st June 2022

CFP: Facing the Abyss: An Epoch of Permanent War and Counterrevolution

Historical Materialism London 2022 Call for Abstracts

10-13 November 2022 @Central London

Deadline for abstracts: 25 July 2022


2nd June 2022

What’s New – 2nd June 2022

-  From Brett Story: Calling for help on an archival film about post-war socialism and the new left.