30th May 2023

What’s New – 30th May 2023

- Crowdfunding for Jacobin Latin America is live. Please spread the word among acquaintances, friends and colleagues:

Spanish: goteo.cc/jacobin

22nd May 2023

What’s New – 22nd May 2023

- Goldsmiths Annual Philosophy Lectures 2023: Bruno Bosteels (Columbia),

Part I: The State and Insurrection with Camila Vergara, 6 June 2023; online, 3:00-5:30 pm BST,

16th May 2023

What’s New – 16th May 2023

Marx, Hegel and Dialectic: Two additional lectures (Online) : Sean  Sayers, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Kent

6th May 2023

What’s New – 6th May 2023

- Mike Haynes’ The Jobbing Leftie Historian Blog 

24th April 2023

What’s New – 24th April 2023

- Michael Heinrich: Scope and Topicality of Marx's "Capital" Manuscripts (Lecture)

13th April 2023

What’s New – 13th April 2023

- Alameda Launch Event, Monday, 24 April 2023, at 7pm, at Rich Mix (35-47 Bethnal Grn Rd, London). Please use this link to confirm your attendance.

3rd April 2023

What’s New – 3rd April 2023

- Temporarily freely available: Insurgent Universality: An Alternative Legacy of Modernity, by Massimiliano Tomba


23rd March 2023

What’s New – 23rd March 2023

- In the context of the recent earthquake in Turkey, Historical Materialism has made this important article temporarily freely available. 

9th March 2023

What’s New – 9th March 2023

- The Rise of Neo-Fascism hybrid symposium, Mar 31, 12-4:15pm, with Nicholas De Genova, Gerald Horne, Sarasij Majumder, David McNally, Alberto Toscano, Nancy Beck Young, and Luca Oliva, University of Houston, Classrooms and Business Building, Room 108 & Live Streaming