Reading Gramsci

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Published Nov 2016
ISBN: 9789004223561

Francisco Fernández Buey. Translated by Nicholas Gray

Reading Gramsci is a collection of essays by Francisco Fernández Buey with a unifying theme: the enduring relevance of Gramsci’s political, philosophical and personal reflections for those who wish to understand and transform ‘the vast and terrible world’ of capital. Reading Gramsci is of considerable biographical and philosophical interest for scholars and partisans of communism alike.

Fernández Buey distils Gramsci’s intimate thinking on the relation between love and revolutionary engagement from Gramsci’s personal correspondence; he reveals how Gramsci draws on both Marxism and Machiavellianism in order to formulate his conception of politics as a collective ethics; he retraces the trajectory of Gramsci’s thinking in the Prison Notebooks, and elucidates Gramsci’s reflections on the relation between language and politics.

English translation of Leyendo a Gramsci, published by El Viejo Topo in 2001.

Biographical note

Francisco Fernández Buey, Ph.D. (1982), University of Barcelona, was Professor of Political Philosophy at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). He published numerous monographs and articles on Marxist philosophy, including Ensayos sobre Gramsci (Materiales, 1978) and Marx (sin ismos) (Viejo Topo, 1998).

Nicholas Gray is DPhil candidate at the University of Sussex, researching Marx’s theory of reification. He has published articles on Marxist philosophy and translated ‘The Accumulation of Capital’ in The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, Volume 2 (Verso, forthcoming 2015).


Institutes, academic libraries, public libraries, Gramsci scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students in social and political philosophy, history, history of ideas, literature, linguistics and cultural studies, educated laypersons and political activists.

Table of contents

Chapter One Love and Revolution
Chapter Two The Ethico-Political Project of Antonio Gramsci
Chapter Three Language and Politics in Gramsci
Appendix One Brecht, ‘To Those Born Later’
Appendix Two Guide to Reading Gramsci