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The Editorial Board of Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory support conferences across the globe, recognising the importance of coming together and engaging in discussion and debate over questions of theory and politics, and promoting links and the sharing of perspectives and expertise amongst Marxists and the Marxist influenced radical left. Covid 19 has disrupted that as much as it has disrupted other aspects of communication, solidarity and everyday life.

HM Online 2020 is our modest attempt to maintain the spirit of connection and engagement, as an alternative to the cancelled HM London conference, which takes place every November but has been cancelled for the first time in 17 years. It comprises a series of 20+ panels, spread over 11 days between the 5th and 15th November, reflecting a selection of the sort of presentations and discussions that London conferences normally cover. Panels are broadcast live through the Haymarket Books YouTube platform, and are then available for viewing. The live sessions have the facility for participants to ask questions through YouTube chat. 

We hope this online programme, whilst not a replacement for the social and intellectual stimulation of conference, provides a series of critical encounters to keep discussion and debate going. 

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