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4th November – Thursday


Opening Panel:  Marxism, State Politics

Is a strong State all that it takes? The State, coercion and social transformation –

Panagiotis Sotiris, (Hellenic Open University, Greece)

The Dominant Political Cultures of the British State –

Mike Wayne (Brunel, UK)

From neoliberalism to neostatism: transformations in the post-pandemic ideological horizon –

Paolo Gerbaudo (Kings College, UK)


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5th November – Friday


Crisis, Pandemics, and Right-Wing Populism: The Political Economy of Authoritarian Neoliberalism

Adam Fabry, (Universidad Nacional De Chilecito, Argentina);

Berch Berberoglu, (University Of Nevada, Reno, United States);

Attila Antal, (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary);

Dr Noemi Lendvai-Bainton, (University Of Bristol, Uk);

Paul Stubbs, (Institute Of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia);

Hernán Ramirez, (Universidade Do Vale Do Rio Dos Sinos, Brasil)


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The Ideological Condition: History, Race and Gender – A discussion with Himani Bannerji

A Historical Materialism/Haymarket Session

David McNally (University of Houston, USA)

Judith Whitehead (Lethbridge, Canada)

Kanishka Goonewardena (University of Toronto, Canada).

Himani Bannerji (York University, Canada)


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Cultural Resistance Under Post-Human Capitalism: A Locust Review / Imago Panel

Alexander Billet, Adam Turl, Tish Turl (Locust Arts & Letters Collective)


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6th November – Saturday


Marxist Theory and Philosophy

Hikmet Kıvılcımlı’s Contribution to Historical Materialism, Muzaffer Kaya

Arendt, Marx and the Modern Challenge to Tradition, Michael Lazarus, (Monash University, Australia)

Marx’s Forgotten Transformation Solution, Bill Jeffries – (SOAS, UK)


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Roundtable: Recent Scholarship on Louis Althusser

Concrete Critical Theory: Althusser’s Marxism – 

William Lewis (Skidmore College, USA)

Althusser and Contingency – 

Stefano Pippa, (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy)

For Theory: Althusser and the Politics of Time – 

Natalia Romé (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)

A Philosophy for Communism: Rethinking Marxism

Panagiotis Sotiris (Hellenic Open University, Greece)

Chair: Dhruv Jain (York University, Canada)

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States and geo-politics

States, Agency and Geo-politics

Regimes of Extreme Permission? State repression in neo-colonial corporate accumulation in SE Asia

Joe Greener and Cinocchini Pablo (University of Liverpool. UK)

Agency in the Periphery: the controversy between Marini and Cardoso in Geopolitical terms

Rafael Alexandre MELLO & Pedro SALGADO (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

Conceptualising institutional disobedience in a context of authoritarian neoliberalism: The Catalan case

Monica Clua-Losada & Shaun McCrory, (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA) & Clara Camps Calvet, (Universitat De Barcelona, Spain)


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Pandemic politics and Science

Alienation, Privatization and Science: Rethinking “Capitalist Science” in the Time of a Pandemic – 

Heather Brown (Westfield State University, USA) 

The Politics of Death: the Bolsonaro Government, Pseudoscience and the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil –

Sean Purdy, (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

BSSRS Revisited: The British Society for Social Responsibility in Science Archive in a Time of Covid –

Eoin O’cearnaigh, Will Greenacre, (Wellcome Collection)


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7th November – Sunday


Marxism and India

Dissenting bodies, disruptive pandemic: farmers’ protest and women’s participation in mass mobilisation in India

Paromita Chakrabarti, (University of Mumbai, India)

Early Soviet Indology and the question of caste

Craig Brandist, (University of Sheffield)


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Notes from Below: Initial findings from the Class Composition Project

Sai Englert, Lorenza Monaco, Callum Cant, Jamie Woodcock – Editors of Notes from Below

Chair: Sai Englert, Jamie Woodcock

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Marxism and Gender

Thinking The two-dimensional woman: capital(ism) and domestic labor in light of Robert Kurz’s writings

Nuno Machado – (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Luxemburg’s approach of imperialism as a perspective on nature, race and gender

Jonas Van Vossole (Coímbra University, Portugal)

A Marxist Feminist Discussion on Female Labour Force Participation and Intra-household Dynamics in Post-Pandemic India

Satyaki Dasgupta, (University of Colorado, USA) & Annesha Mukherjee, (JNU, Kerala, India)

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Marxism, Welfare and Care

The Violent Contradictions of the Canadian Welfare State: A Marxist-Feminist Analysis

Kaitlin PETERS, (York University)

Struggles to Survive and Politics of Legitimacy in a Political Economy of Care

Rhiannon Lindgren, (University of Oregon)

Women and pandemic in a popular Neighborhood Of Mar Del Plata (Argentina)

Almendra Aladro (Univ. Nac. Mar del Plata (Argentina)


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8th November – Monday


Marxism and Culture


The Cultural and Literary Dilemmas of Uneven and Combined Development (UCD) and The “Agony of the Turkish Spirit”:  The conflict between the West and the East in the works of Peyami Safa

Faruk Yalvaç, (Atılım University, Turkey), OznurAkçali, (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

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Marxism, Feminism, Social Reproduction and Politics

Palestinian Social Reproduction and the Mediation of Israeli Working-Class Exploitation 

Tal-hi Bitton, (University of Oregon USA)

Social reproduction and Brazilian capitalism: a reading exercise by Helleieth Saffioti and francisco de oliveira  Rafael Marino

Rafael Marino, Daniela Costanzo, (University of São Paulo, Barzil)

The interweaving: communist women and feminism in 1970s Italy

Victor Strazzeri, (University of Geneva, Switzerland)


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Marxism and Grassroots Politics

The Political Prospects of Student Inquiry

Philip Dante, Matthew Lee (UK)

Go North West – Britain’s longest bus strike, despite lockdown

Ian Allinson (UNITE, UK)

Flexibilisation policies and labour market structures in France

Lucile Franchet,(SOAS, UK)

A Divergent Path: The Impact Of Opposition To The No-Strike Pledge In The United Rubber Workers: 1940-1960

Charlie Post (City University of New York, USA)


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Marxism and Latin American Politics

Workers’ Self-Management in Argentina Contesting Neo-liberalism by Occupying Companies, Creating Cooperatives, and Recuperating Autogestión

Marcelo Vieta, (University of Toronto, Canada)

“Neoliberalism Was Born and Will Die in Chile”? Some Observations on the Return of the State in the Context of a Crisis of Hegemony (2019-2021)

Andrés Cabrera SanhuezA, (Goldsmiths, UK)

Post neoliberalism and neo developmentalism: the current pattern of capitalist accumulation in Mexico

Yankel Peralta García (UNAM, Mexico)


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9th November Tuesday


Marxism and Race

Race and Reification

Matthew DIMICK, (University at Buffalo)

Race and the Concept of Capital, Mike Goldfield

Mike Goldfield (Wayne State University, USA)


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Marxism Technology, Politics

“The new ‘organization’: digital culture Industry And Current Right-Wing Radicalism”

Bruna Della Torre, (Universidade De Campinas, Brazil)

Platform Socialism: A Socialist Alternative For The Digital Economy

James Muldoon, (University of Exeter, UK)

Cyberactivism and struggle in Call Centers in Portugal. Unionism in a pandemic age

Roque Isabel, (University of Coimbra, Portugal)


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Jurisdictional Accumulation: A Book Discussion

Maia Pal (Oxford Brookes University, HM) 

Rob Knox (University of Liverpool, HM); 

Heide Gerstenberger (University of Bremen, Germany [retired]);

Guillaume Dufour (UQAM, Canada)


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10th November Wednesday  


Marxism and Greek Politics

Citizen of Empires – Marxist intellectual of the Greek Bourgeois Revolution: The Stageist Marxism of Giorgos Skliros, 

George Souvlis, (University of Crete – Ioannina)

Crisis, Authoritarian Neoliberalism, and the Return of “New Democracy” to power in Greece, 

Yiannis Mylonas (HSE University, Russia)


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Studies in Critical Theory

Reconciliation and Utopia: Reading Lukacs in an Era of Global Pandemic

Filippo Menozzi, (Liverpool JMU, UK)

From Socialization To Social Research: Felix Weil, Karl Korsch, And The Political Origins Of The Frankfurt School

Jacob Blumenfeld, (University Of Oldenburg, Germany)

The Standpoint Of The Proletariat Today

Arthur Bueno, (University of Frankfurt, Germany)

Metabolism and productivism: nature, labour and value in Lukács’ ontology

Murillo Van Der Laan, (University of Campinas, Brazil)


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11th November Thursday


Marxism, Fascism, Nationalism

Putting the “Nation” Back into the “Nation-State”: the Tail-End of the Long Downturn, the Retreat from Neoliberal Globalism and the Civil War within the US Bourgeoisie

Yagmur Coskun (Turkey/USA)

How Neo-Fascism Emerges from Neoliberal Capitalism: A Theoretical Investigation

Ronald W. Cox, (Florida Int. University, USA), & Daniel Skidmore-Hess, (Georgia Southern University, USA)

Towards A Critical Theory of The Nation And Nationalism

Alexis Ioannides, Antonis Pastellopoulos, (University of Warwick, UK)


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Marxism and Contemporary political economy

Neo-liberalization and technological dependence: the paths of technological rent in the pandemic

Diana Fuentes, (UAM – X, Mexico)

A Marxist and Minskyan perspective on zombie firms

Juan Martín Graña, (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina), & Nicolás Aguila, (CIEPP, Argentina)

Engendering Precarity: Covid-19 and the Politics of Labour Law Reforms in India

Charvaak Pati, (Tata Institute, India)


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Marxism, Gramsci Politics

Hegemony and autonomy. A Gramscian contribution

Massimo Modonesi,  (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Gramsci: translation of paradigms, transformation of societies

Derek Boothman, (University of Bologna (retired) Italy)

Integral state and integral strategy: alternative powers, prefigurative politics and truth

Josep Maria Antentas (Barcelona, Spain)

Chair: Panagiotis Sotiris

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Disobedience and Resistance

The State of COVID: Manifesto for a Pandemic Politics

Conrad Hamilton (University of Paris 8, France)

Centering Queer/Trans Black and Indigenous Abolition Movements in Working Toward Anti-Capitalist Futures

Jamie Magnusson, (University of Toronto, Canada)


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12th November Friday


Meet the HM Editorial Board

Led by Panagiotis Sotiris and Sebastian Budgen

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Marxism and Social Reproduction  

Capitalist social reproduction by destruction: A Marxist Feminist approach to the study of soldiers

Jasmine Chorley Foster, (University Of Toronto, Canada)

New Horizons of Possibility For Class Struggle: Organising For Social Reproduction In (Post-)Pandemic Times

Arianna Introva, (Open University In Scotland)

Marx, Robots, And Social Reproduction

Jamie Kelly (Vassar College, USA))


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‘The Return of the Dialectics of Nature: Marxian Ecology and the Struggle for Freedom as Necessity’

John Bellamy Foster

A Discussion of the Deutscher Prize Winning Book 2020

John Bellamy Foster (University of Oregon, USA)

Helena Sheehan (Dublin City University, Ireland)

Stefani Longo (Cranfield University, UK)

Chair: Alfredo Saad Filho.

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Marxism, Identity, Historical life

Other Scenes: Balibar and Tosel on Class Struggle and the Struggle over Identity

Jason Read Maine University

Guy Debord and Gillian Rose on Historical Life

Tom Bunyard Brighton

Anti-statism and the trajectory from the Revolutionary Communist Party to Spiked

Evan Smith (Flinders University, Australia)

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13th November – Saturday


Marxism and Political Economy

Disposable Time, Surplus Population, and Limitation of the Hours of Labour

Tom Walker, (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Theorising Residential Capitalism: Land Rent, Capital Accumulation, and Housing Provision

Javier Zacares – University of Durham, UK)

The New Scramble for Africa: Land Ownership, Agrarian Change and the Real Subsumption of Africa to Capital

RIOUX, Sébastien (Université de Montréal, Canada)

Banks as Hegemonic Apparatuses

Galip Yalman (METU, Turkey)


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Struggles in the Education Sector: Casualisation and the Pandemic

Roberto Mozzachiodi (Goldsmiths College, UK),

Aimée Lê and Jordan Osserman’s (Corona Contract, UK),

Alex Coupe (University of Liverpool, UK)


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Marxism and the State

From a state that ‘returns’ to a state that ‘withers away’:  Abensour and Karatani on the disappearance of the state as a political form

Tamara Caraus, (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Bonapartism in the Neoliberal Age: AMLO and the Fourth Transformation of Mexico

Armando Luna-Franco, (El Colegio de México) 

Whose State? Their State. The Europeanization of Portugal

Catarina Principe (ISCTE/CES, Portugal)

States, ‘Bureaucratic Caesarism’ and the Political Impasse

Michael Bray (Southwestern University, USA)


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State Theory Post-Pandemic

The Crisis of Reproduction and the End of Relative Autonomy”? 

Peter Bratsis, (CUNY, USA)

Rejecting the autonomous state: a materialist ecofeminist theorisation

Anna Sturman, (University of Sydney, Australia)

There is no anti-capitalist jurisprudence: Law as anti-communist social form and the abolition of the current state of things

FTC Manning, (SFUSD, USA)


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14th November – Sunday


Marxism and Imperialism

‘False Social Value’ and Real Imperial State Power

Andy Higginbottom, (Kingston University, London)

The Dynamics of International Exploitation

Roberto Veneziani, (Queen Mary University of London. UK) Jonathan Cogliano, (University of Massachusetts Boston, USA), Naoki Yoshihara, (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)

The International Legal Life of Imperial Rentier Capitalism

Christine Schwobel-Patel (University of Warwick, UK)

Technological revolutions, global capitalism and the periphery 

Eduardo Albuquerque (UFMG, Brazil)


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Marxism, Ecology Politics 

A critique of degrowth in the context of a global GND: an Ecosocialist perspective

David Schwartzman, (Howard University)

Climate Justice, Migration And The State: What Should We Say About Environmental Refugees?

Camilla Royle, (King’s College London, UK)

The Ecological Costs Of Imperialism And War

Feyzi Ismail (SOAS, UK)

The Canadian Extractive State Apparatus In The Pandemic Present

Jordan Kinder, (McGill University, Canada)


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Closing Panel


The Fascist Horizon: Theoretical and Political Perspectives

Lise Benoist (Uppsala University / Zetkin Collective) – TBA

Sabrina Fernandes (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung) – Dependent Capitalism and Its Authoritarian Face in Brazil

Andreas Malm (Lund University / Zetkin Collective) – TBA

Ugo Palheta (University of Lille / Contretemps) – Dynamics of Fascisation and the Antifascist Struggle in Contemporary France

Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths, University of London / Simon Fraser University / Historical Materialism) – The Fascist Love of Freedom


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