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Historical Materialism

     Research in Critical Marxist Theory

     Free access to following 30 articles

     until 15 December 2020




How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?

Neil Davidson (Volume 13, No. 3)


Capital and Revolutionary Practice

Colin Barker (Volume 14, No. 2)


One Symptom of Originality: Race and the Management of Labour in the History of the United States

David Roediger and Elizabeth Esch (Volume 17, No. 4)


The Blood of the Commonwealth

David McNally (Volume 22, No. 2)


The Relationship between Marxism and Indigenous Struggles and Implications of the Theoretical Framework for International Indigenous Struggles

Roxanne Amanda Dunbar-Ortiz (Volume 24, No. 3)


From Theory of Accumulation to Social-Reproduction Theory

Ankica Čakardić (Volume 25, No. 4)


Intersectionality and Marxism: A Critical Historiography

Ashley Bohrer (Volume 26, No. 2)


Afro-Pessimism and the (Un)Logic of Anti-Blackness

Annie Olaloku-Teriba (Volume 26, No. 2)


Beyond Abstraction: Marx and the Critique of the Critique of Religion

Alberto Toscano (Volume 18, No. 1)


Situating Sexuality in Social Reproduction

Alan Sears (Volume 24, No. 2)


Thinking Beyond the Lockdown: On the Possibility of a Democratic Biopolitics

Panagiotis Sotiri (Volume 28, No. 3)


The Conspiracy of Architecture: Notes on a Modern Anxiety

China Mieville (Volume 2, No. 1)


The Multitude and the Kangaroo: A Critique of Hardt and Negri’s Theory of Immaterial Labour

David Camfield (Volume 15, No. 2)


Khaleeji-Capital: Class-Formation and Regional Integration in the Middle-East Gulf

Adam Hanieh (Volume 18, No. 2)


On making-up and breaking-up: woman and ware, craving and corpse in Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project

Esther Leslie (Volume 1, No. 1)


Philosophical Strategies: Althusser and Spinoza

Peter Thomas (Volume 10, No. 3)


Bourgeois Revolution, State Formation and the Absence of the International

Benno Teschke (Volume 13, No. 2)


The Fracturing of LGBT Identities under Neoliberal Capitalism

Peter Drucker (Volume 19, No. 4)


History versus Theory: A Commentary on Marx’s Method in Capital

David Harvey (Volume 20, No. 2)


Gender as Social Temporality: Butler (and Marx)

Cinzia Arruzza (Volume 23, No. 1)


Rosa Luxemburg’s Global Class Analysis

Marcel van der Linden (Volume 24, No. 1)


The Time of History, the Time of Politics, the Time of Strategy

Stathis Kouvelakis (Volume 24, No. 4)


The Transition to Capital in Marx’s Critique of Political Economy

Søren Mau (Volume 26, No. 1)


In Wildness Is the Liberation of the World: On Maroon Ecology and Partisan Nature

Andreas Malm (Volume 26, No. 3)


Marx’s Theory of Metabolism in the Age of Global Ecological Crisis

Kohei Saito (Volume 28, No. 2)


Workerism’s Inimical Incursions: On Mario Tronti’s Weberianism

Sara R. Farris (Volume 19, No. 3)


Distilling a Value Theory of Ideology from Volume Three of Capital

Beverley Best (Volume 23, No. 3)


In Defence of Speculative Materialism

Cat Moir (Volume 27, No. 2)


ʻHow Bourgeois Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?ʼ

Heide Gerstenberger (Volume 27, No. 3)


Money versus Value

Elena Louisa Lange (Volume 28, No. 1)