Neil Davidson - How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions? (contd.)
Deborah Cook - The Sundered Totality of System and Lifeworld
Fotini Vaki - Adorno contra Habermas: The Claims of Critical Theory as Immanent Critique
Gary Farnell - Benjamin as Producer in The Arcades Project
Guido Starosta - Editorial Introduction
Daniel Bensaïd - On a Recent Book by John Holloway
Marcel Stoetzler - On How to Make Adorno Scream: Some Notes on John Holloway's Change the World without Taking Power
Michael A. Lebowitz - Holloway's Scream: Full of Sound and Fury
Massimo De Angelis - How?!?! An Essay on John Holloway's Change the World without Taking Power
Leigh Binford - Holloway's Marxism
John Holloway - No
Max Blechman,Anita Chari,Rafeeq Hasan - Democracy, Dissensus and the Aesthetics of Class Struggle: An Exchange with Jacques Rancière
Ian Birchall - on Robert Barcia's La véritable histoire de Lutte Ouvrière, Daniel Bensaïd's Les trotskysmes and Une lente impatience, Christophe Bourseiller's Histoire générale de l'ultra-gauche, Philippe Campinchi's Les lambertistes, Frédéric Charpier's Histoire de l'extrême gauche trotskiste, André Fichaut's Sur le pont, Daniel Gluckstein's & Pierre Lambert's Itinéraires, Michel Lequenne's Le trotskysme: une histoire sans fard, Jean-Jacques Marie's Le trotskysme et les trotskystes, Christophe Nick's Les trotskistes, and Benjamin Stora's La dernière génération d'octobre.
Simon Kennedy - G.A. Cohen's Karl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence
Maria Elisa Cevasco - Fredric Jameson's A Singular Modernity: Essay on the Ontology of the Present
Tony Smith - Phases of Capitalist Development: Booms, Crises and Globalizations, edited by Robert Albritton, Makoto Itoh, Richard Westra and Alan Zuege
John Michael Roberts - Masses, Classes and the Public Sphere, edited by Mike Hill and Warren Montag
German Books for which Historical Materialism Seeks Reviewers
Peter Ives - Grammar
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