Alfredo Saad-Filho - New Dawn or False Start in Brazil? The Political Economy of Lula's Election
Maria Turchetto - The Empire Strikes Back: On Hardt and Negri
George Liodakis - The Role of Biotechnology in the Agro-Food System and the Socialist Horizon
Paul Paolucci - The Scientific Method and the Dialectical Method
Sean Sayers - Creative Activity and Alienation in Hegel and Marx
Martin Hart-Landsberg,Paul Burkett - Development, Crisis, and Class Struggle in East Asia: A Reply
Dan Bousfield - Export-Led Development and Imperialism: A Response to Burkett and Hart-Landsberg
Jim Kincaid - Underconsumption Versus the Rate of Profit: A Reply to Burkett and Hart-Landsberg
Christopher J. Arthur - The Hegel-Marx Connection
Tony Smith - On the Homology Thesis
Christopher J. Arthur - Once More on the Homology Thesis: A Response to Smith's Reply
Scott MacWilliam - On Mohammed A. Bayeh's The Ends of Globalization; Terry Boswell's and Christopher Chase-Dunn's The Spiral of Capitalism and Socialism; Raym's In the Hurricane's Eye: The Troubled Prospects of Multinational Enterprises; and Robert Went's Globalization: Neoliberal Challenge, Radical Responses
Ian Birchall - On Alain Maillard's La Communauté des égaux; Philippe Riviale's L'impatience du bonheur: apologie de Gracchus Babeuf; and Jean Soublin's Je t'écris au sujet de Gracchus Babeuf
Pete Glatter - On Elites after State Socialism: Theories and Analysis, edited by John Higley and György Lengyel
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