Issue 26(2): Identity Politics

31st May, 2018

Natalia Podpora header illustration

Today we are launching on our website a whole new special issue on Identity Politics which will appear in print later this year in volume 26:2 of the journal. Big thanks to HM editors Ashok Kumar and Dalia Gebrial, and guest editors Adam Elliott-Cooper and Shruti Iyer for their very hard work putting this issue together. Thanks also to all the contributors and peer-reviewers. Special thanks to artist Natalia Podpora for her illustrations.

From the editors' introduction

The papers within the special issue respond to ongoing debates around what has been termed 'identity politics'. It aims to intervene in what are make-or-break questions for the Left today. Specifically, to provoke further interrogative but comradely conversation that works towards breaking-down the wedge between vulgar economism and vulgar culturalism.