27th February 2018

HM editorial board members are currently on strike in their pre-1992 UK universities over the private financialisation of pensions. 

26th February 2018

Susan Dianne Brophy has a PhD in Social and Political Thought (York University - Toronto, Canada) and is currently an Assistant Professor in Legal Studies (St. Jerome's University - Waterloo, Canada). For more info see An earlier draft of this paper was presented at the HM London 2016 conference.

25th February 2018

Ankica Čakardić is an assistant professor and the chair of Social Philosophy and Philosophy of Gender at the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Her research interest include Marxist critique of social contract theory, Political Marxism, Marxist-feminist and Luxemburgian critique of political economy, and history of women’s struggles in Yugoslavia.

5th February 2018

Soviet Environmentalism: The Path Not Taken by Arran Gare

This article originally appeared in Capitalism Nature Socialism 1993, vol 4 no 4, pp. 69-88 and also in Ted Benton (ed.) The Greening of Marxism, New York: Guilford, 1996, pp. 111-28


1. Introduction

5th February 2018

Presented at Historical Materialism London (2017) by Tiarnán Somhairle

Tiarnán is an independent Marxist researcher interested in theories of underdevelopment and Irish historiography. He blogs at


14th January 2018

Luke Stobart interviews SOAS Justice for Workers.

10th December 2017

Dave Beech, Art and Value: Art’s Economic Exceptionalism in Classical, Neoclassical and Marxist Economics (Boston: Brill, 2015)

Reviewed by Nizan Shaked

1st December 2017

Soma Marik (b. 1962) is Associate Professor of History , RKSM Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, West Bengal, and former Visiting Professor, School of Women's Studies, Jadavpur University. She has published extensively on Marxism, the Russian Revolution, Communist Women in India, and Communalism in India.

7th November 2017

Heide Gerstenberger